Sea, family and … Toy Story: free hours from the withdrawal of Roma players – PHOTO

"Let's go back there?" Perhaps the meaning of the first days of retreat is all here: Papu Gomez who has been training with Atalanta for a few days, sends a social message to Pastore with whom he spent some days of vacation together with the respective families before returning to training, remembering the moments when they were at sea. "Sure", Flaco's answer.


After the first week of retreat, Paulo Fonseca granted the team a free day and a half, which after Saturday morning training could reach families and friends: they will return to Trigoria tonight to resume preparation tomorrow morning. The Argentinean playmaker, in addition to the social jokes with the Papu, has devoted all his time to his wife Chiara and to the little Martina and Santiago, from whom he struggles to get away, and together they have been to the cinema to see Toy Story 4.

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An evening with friends instead of Under : the Turk was in a place a stone's throw from the Vatican for his birthday at midnight, between photos and greetings also from the restaurant staff who did not fail to make good luck to him for next season. Fonseca has taken him out of the market because he knows that much of the redemption of the Giallorossi next season will pass from the desire for revenge of Cencio.

He enjoyed a few hours of sea instead of Justin Kluivert : the Dutchman, after the little fear that blew him away from his last training for muscle discomfort immediately averted from the examinations at Villa Stuart. Then he took two friends and went to lunch near his villa. Sea also for Edin Dzeko who joined his wife Amra and their children at Podstrana (near Split) for a party of friends, and for Santon and Mirante . Relaxation day in the family also for the newly arrived Spinazzola who spent the free hours with his wife Miriam and little Mattia.


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