"I have leukemia, I will win this battle"

MIHAJLOVIC IN CONFERENCE – Sinisa Mihajlovic technician of Bologna also approached Rome in the summer, spoke at the press conference about the news, circulated yesterday, of the health problems that affected him. The Serbian technician chose to speak in first person to explain the reasons that will force him to stay away from the fields. These are his words: "Since I was jealous that Walter had all the doctors around, then I stole his show. I asked for this press conference and confidentiality because I wanted to give the news first, but since not everyone has respected my will to sell a few more copies, I'm sorry. Unfortunately or fortunately I did some tests where some anomalies were discovered that there were not 4 months ago. I say this once and for all, then I want privacy for me and my family. "

Mihajlovic at the conference: the reaction to the news

Initially I told my wife that I had a fever, that day I did some tests that showed a leukemia. When they told me I took a big hit, I spent two days locked in my room thinking and crying, my whole life passes by. I face it with my chest out, I can't wait to start, it is in an acute phase but it can be attacked: it takes time but it heals. I explained to the players how to deal with it: we must face it with courage, press and make goals, I must use tactics. Surely I will win this challenge for me and my family, there is no doubt. "

The message of Rome

After the press conference there were many messages of solidarity towards Mihajlovic . We could not miss the Rome which, through its social profiles, wanted to express closeness to the coach of Bologna : "Forza Sinisa, win this battle!", The wish of giallorossa company. The former defender in the summer had been very close to becoming the new technical coach of the capital, only to decide to remain in rossoblu.

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