Higuain to Rome, the figures of the deal

ROME – The operation Higuain at Rome could bring enthusiasm back to the Capital (our first page today has become a hashtag ). The Giallorossi company is working to get to Pipita and cheers because Juve takes another thick striker forcing Gonzalo to revisit his – current – strong conviction of not preparing the suitcase again. It's the coup that the Giallorossi fans ask Pallotta to make sense of the new course and to forget quickly Dzeko . There are few, very few, strikers on the market able to guarantee arts such as Higuain : he will turn 32 in December, miss a few seasons and when he bores one (the last) he will automatically book for the big ransom. That's why Petrachi talked about him as a lover once in her balcony. But so far it was not enough to move Gonzalo and his strong convictions of Juve.

Higuain at Roma: contract and transfer formula

Higuain has a contract with Juve until 2021 at 6, 5 million euros net per season plus bonuses, .the figure that set the biaconera company for the loan is 12 million ; Pipita's hiring is slightly higher than that of Dzeko which has an extra year: 13 million gross against 11. Higuain has returned to training with Juve, for another accepted by enthusiasm of Juventus fans but in order to leave Turin he needs a club that is first-rate at least in terms of prestige, and Rome is, and wants guarantees of centrality in the technical project.

Fans in Higuain : "Stay with us"

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