INDISCREZIONE RN, Totti looks ahead and designs the future: an institutional role, the purchase of a club of his own or the suggestion of becoming a manager

TOTTI ROMA ROMANEWS – Never before has Francesco Totti appeared to be far from Rome . Perhaps to find a similar scenario we must return in 2002, when Real Madrid of Florentino Perez was one step away from dressing him with ' camiseta blanca ', but then the love for his favorite team prevailed. Now, however, according to what was learned from the farewell of the historic captain to the yellow and red society seems really close: only a stroke of the president Pallotta with an indispensable proposal , perhaps as an honorary president of the club they could dismiss the voices of these days of a farewell of the former captain at the club. In the event that the champion of Porta Metronia confirmed the choice to leave, in front of him multiple possibilities would open up: from roles in FIGC Uefa or ] Fifa up to that of testimonial of the World Cup in Qatar of 2022. Sources close to however, tell how there could be more about the future path of the legendary number 10 Capitoline, between suggestions and little dreams in the drawer grown for a long time.

POSSIBILITIES – There would be at least two other possible horizons for Totti . The former would represent a real ball for the former captain: taking over a team from the capital or province, making it grow to make it a beautiful and appreciable reality of Italian football. A real little dream that, if he really should leave Rome the class '76 attacker would be ready to try to turn it into reality. In this project, he would be ready to bring with him so many figures that over the years have been closer to him and have made an important contribution to his growth as a man and a soccer player. Then there would be a second street, known up close and caressed with a hand about a year ago, that is to say to become a prosecutor. A profession and a world known thanks to Stefano Antonelli agent and professional who accompanied Totti in the managerial world and who would even have held a course with him to introduce him in the sector. In this context, Giampiero Pocetta agent and character close to the number 10 who could offer him a role in his agency GP Soccer and Managment could become fundamental. Scenarios and living ideas but for the moment to be put into the background. In fact, the word of the captain is expected, who promised yesterday: " My point of view " will be shortly. From that moment on it will be easier to sum up.


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