Totti, no summit in London. Play soccer and put on a show: videos and photos

ROME – While the new technician Paulo Fonseca met yesterday James Pallotta in the rainy and cold London, Francesco [19659002] Totti si was relaxing in his villa at Eur on one of the hot days and sunny days of the season. The heat did not stop him in the late afternoon from scarpini and took the field at the Due Ponti club, for a game with many friends and former teammates. Aquilani, Candela, Cassetti and other "colleagues" brought quality in the formation of the former Giallorossi captain who made a double in the final victory for 6 to 5. A friendly match against a representative of former serial footballers B and C, in a festive afternoon in front of over a hundred children spectators who stopped him at the end of the match for so many selfies and autographs.

Fonseca: "Rome, it's not enough for me to win. I want fun and play"

Totti, still on the pitch, is poetry: assist and masterpiece

When Totti took to the field, it was just finished the meeting in London between the Giallorossi managers, Pallotta and Fonseca. His absence at the top in the European offices of the Raptor naturally did much noise in the capital: in the meeting that planned the future of the new Rome the distance of the manager who mostly represents the club in the world can only make the Giallorossi environment discuss. On the other hand, however, his failure to participate in the Mayfair round table was also conceivable, given the choice of Fonseca in any way attributable to him and the non-idyllic relationships with the councilor Franco Baldini who always sits next to the president […]

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