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IL MESSAGGERO (S. CARINA) – Calendar in hand, again in a couple of weeks. Perhaps it is better this way, with Fonseca that will have the opportunity to know the team in advance, having to face the first official engagement represented by the Europa League preliminaries on July 25th. If in this first phase the Portuguese coach will also be able to take advantage of players whose permanence in Trigoria is not certain (Defrel above all), he has already been advised that he will not be able to count on the backbone that characterized the last year and beyond. Olsen, and : defensive center, middle and center forward. The Petrachi revolution starts right here.
A EDIN … PIACE – With Daniele, Rome has already turned the page. And soon it will do so also with the other three. That the Bosnian has an agreement with is now the secret of Pulcinella. Even if he is back from a low season, a great striker leaves with Edin. For information, if the 87 goals in the Giallorossi are not enough, request information from the Azzurri and defender Mancini in particular, taken for a walk the other night by the striker. For a goodbye now clear for a couple of months, the social clue could not be missing. This time they are even two. Power of : 1) A Bosnian like four hearts, two blacks and as many blues, by an Inter fan under his photo that portrays him in Portofino; 2) Perisic, a friend of tagged in a conversation under the same post by another Inter fan who commented "next year together", also left the like of approval. Only the agreement between the two clubs must be found, where a crossover of capital gains will also weigh (Edin now has a book value of 4.6 million).
KOSTAS PENDING – the other will be sacrificed. The termination clause allows the Greek to marry wherever he wants. In Italy there are two clubs looking for him: and . It is therefore no coincidence that yesterday his agent Raiola had talks with both clubs. Kostas would prefer to move to Turin, where Sarri is waiting for him who wanted him in Italy a couple of seasons ago. Olsen will also be greeted soon. The Swedish adventure is close to the end credits. The Roma welcomed with a smile the last performances in the national team of given that the value of his card (8.5 + 3.5 bonus) fell after the year in Giallorossi, where Robin he also lost his place as owner in favor of Mirante. Finding a team will not be easy. Baldini is looking for a buyer in the UK market: Watford has requested information. Unless Petrachi does not succeed in the move of the spotted cat of Sabatinian memory, sending back the to the Copenhagen as a partial counterpart to the defender Vavro. Speaking of farewells, he also greets Balzaretti who will leave from Spal.

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