PRUZZO: "Fonseca? Not knowing the environment could be an advantage", PETRUCCI: "I can't think that Totti will not accept and go away"

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Stefano Petrucci at Tele Radio Stereo : "Pallotta bewitched by Fonseca, as happened with Spalletti, Ranieri, Garcia … Another front that has opened is Francesco Totti. I do not express myself in this regard, but I would like someone to think of Rome instead of itself. Petrachi? The buying campaign that you would do at Turin is not good for Rome. For Totti the problem should not be money, when there is a visceral passion they should not count. I can't think that you don't accept and go away. The leaders of Rome has already lost credibility, this would be the decisive blow. I would like to know what Totti wants to do when he grows up: he can make a decision that is in his interest and I hope also in that of Rome. It is true that, as De Rossi said, Francesco now has little influence, but I would like to know then who does it: Baldini? The boy from the 1960s? He will not decide everything, but then I would like to know who does it. "

Valentina Catoni at Tele Radio Stereo :" Totti? I do not understand if this doubt is the result of personal reasons or distrust of the company's work ".

Daniele Lo Monaco at Tele Radio Stereo :" Roma has formalized the offer to become technical director for Totti, who would be thinking of saying no. A no to this proposal would be a no to Rome, because it is difficult to think that it chooses to remain still in this limbo. The company asked him for a complete commitment, to stand by Petrachi and Fonseca and direct the decisions. Probably he would have accepted if Conte had arrived, chosen by him. What does not convince Totti is the technical part and he thinks he cannot affect too much. The management would also have proposed to take a step back: if Pallotta had to choose between Totti and Baldini, he would dismiss Baldini. Petrachi chose Fonseca ".

Nando Orsi on Radio Radio Mattino :" Fonseca? Thank goodness he doesn't know anyone, but he will begin to know the environment. He didn't have to tell us that Rome has quality. I'd be sorry if Roma gave away El Shaarawy, it's one of the most important players on this team. Rome has the players for the Fonseca form. It seems that the technician has very clear ideas, the Portuguese are very pragmatic. He is the right coach, as long as he does not let himself be swept away by the environment, to which a debt must certainly be paid. Totti? Already Sabatini and Baldini wanted to kill him, but he is a champion ".

Roberto Pruzzo on Radio Radio Mattino :" Fonseca? Not knowing the reality could be an advantage at the beginning. The disadvantage could be not knowing the players' qualities well. I am curious to see the market, from there it will be necessary to start again. Without Dzeko it becomes difficult to take a higher road. He is a solid coach, he proved it. We will have to wait and see how Rome moves on the market

Ilario Di Giovambattista on Radio Radio Mattina : "Fonseca's interview? He practically used the same words as Di Francesco. They give me certain Manolas out of Rome. With whom will Rome earn 45 million? With Dzeko? Rome wants 20 million for him ".

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