"It's been eight years since they decided that Totti has no place in this Rome" – Forzaroma.info

That of Roman radio is a phenomenon that has no equal in the rest of Italy. A plurality of stations to act as a platform, a group of g journalists, former footballers and opinion leaders to animate the show. Here are the opinions of protagonists of radio broadcasters.

Ilario Di Giovambattista (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): “Having read Fonseca's first statements seem to me the same as Di Francis. Coming from abroad could be an advantage, since you don't know anyone. It is a restart, a year zero within the mechanism of American Rome. Without Champions, it starts immediately and with lots of big players starting. "

Roberto Pruzzo (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): " Fonseca? We'll see, I'm curious to understand how Rome moves on the market, otherwise it would be the same team as last year and without Dzeko. Ready to go it's difficult to imagine a superior team. Fonseca is a trained technician, who did well and can repeat himself in Italy. "

Nando Orsi (Radio Radio Mattino – 104.5): " We must see Fonseca when he begins to understand environment how it will react. He is pragmatic and I hope he doesn't get overwhelmed by expectations. I would be so sorry if Roma were to sell El Shaarawy, one very suitable for Fonseca's module. The team that finds Portuguese is of quality. You need the goalkeeper and a director instead of De Rossi. Totti? Since they arrived, the Americans have decided that there is no place for them. They did not succeed because Francesco is a champion and an institution ".

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