Fonseca: "Rome, it's not enough for me to win. I want fun and games"

ROMA "I am very happy, excited and confident in view of this new challenge that awaits me. From the first moment I have never had any doubts about the opportunity to come to Rome. It is a great club , with great fans. I want to build something that can bring confidence and enthusiasm to the club and its fans ". Paulo Fonseca presents himself with these words to the Roma fans during the first interview released at the official website of the Roma club . The Portuguese coach immediately makes things clear about his goals as Roma coach: "The quality of the game is very important for me. Obviously we want to win, the main objective is that, but in the same way we want to put on a team that knows how to express a game of quality. To me it is not enough just to win. – adds the new coach of the Capitoline team – Obviously I like it, but I want to see our ideas applied in the field. I want to see a game of quality, a game that can excite the fans: I want them to come home after our games saying 'the team played well and won because it was brave'. For me this aspect is very important ".

Fonseca:" Next season will be competitive with Conte and also Sarri "

" I always wanted to coach in one of the best European championships and Serie A is one of them. Rome is one of the best teams in Europe. I am very ambitious and my ambition was just to coach one of the most important European clubs. When this opportunity presented itself, after three years of great success in Ukraine, I thought it was time to go to realize this dream ".
In Serie A Fonseca will find many excellent teams and great coaches: "This season will be more competitive than the others. He is back Antonio Conte maybe he will return Maurizio Sarri and there are many strong players. The teams are becoming more and more equipped than in past years and this is important for the football and for the Italian fans "highlights the former Shakhtar coach.

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"It will be a brave Rome"

"I am a coach full of passion. I love my job, I am an enthusiastic person and I want to pass on this passion to the people who work with me" tells the Portuguese coach, announcing later that his Rome will be a team "first of all courageous who takes the field with the same approach regardless of whether the opponent is a small or large team I am very motivated, I want to create something with our team, something that will surprise opponents – underlines Fonseca – . There is so much quality in the team. important finding the right key to use the players in order to make the most of their characteristics. I believe that many of the players have the qualities to play the brave, ambitious and offensive football that I want to put into practice. A style of play that allows us to d name the opponents . I am sure that the players of Rome have the qualities necessary to put all this into practice ", adds Fonseca.

Discovering Fonseca, the new coach of Roma

A month to prepare his new Rome

at the end of July the Giallorossi will be on the pitch for the Europa League preliminaries, an important commitment that will force Fonseca to tighten the time: "It will be difficult, I must admit. We may only have four weeks separating us from the first official match. I think they will have to adapt to my ideas very quickly. I would prefer to have more time, but we can't do anything about it and so we will use these four weeks to prepare the team for the best for the first engagement ". And on the preferred form he adds: " I like playing with the 4-2- 3-1, but the system is not the most important thing, the dynamics, the fundamental principles of a type of game count. I hope to build a very dynamic team ".

Fonseca's message to the Roma fans

" To the fans I would like to say only this: together we can build a strong team. Obviously we need their support. I know they love these colors and I'm sure we'll all be stronger together. The fans can be proud of this team, I'm sure, because we will fight for them, to create something special. I know they will be on our side. I often talk about 'courage' and I know that the fans play a fundamental role in this aspect, because they can transmit it to us. I believe that when we enter the stadium they will be the first to give us the right motivation and encouragement. From that moment we will have to start fighting and showing us our courage, for them "he concludes.

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