Discovering Fonseca. The Roma coach in 10 quotes

Paulo Fonseca is the new coach of Rome . The Giallorossi fans are ready to give him confidence and have already invaded the web in search of news. The Giallorossi club tried to facilitate the task by summarizing the belief, philosophy, concepts and the Fonseca character in 10 points. Who is inspired by? What is your game philosophy? What do you want from your players? This and more can be understood on the Giallorossi coach reading this small guide in 10 points.

1. "My game philosophy? I have very clear ideas, which can be noticed in the teams I train. Having the ball, taking the initiative and being an offensive team: these are the aspects that define my game and the goals of the my games ".

Fonseca on his game philosophy during a UEFA summit

Rome: Fonseca is the new coach

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