De Rossi, surprised in London: he was having dinner in the same restaurant as the Rome managers

LONDON – A surprise in the London night: our correspondent Roberto Maida in the English capital to follow the birth of the new Rome in the meeting between Pallotta Fienga Calvo and Baldini waiting for Fonseca met the former Giallorossi captain Daniele [19659004] De Rossi on vacation in the city with his family to celebrate a splendid vow taken by his daughter to school.

Surprise in London, check also De Rossi

De Rossi dined in the same restaurant where there was the summit, a few tables away from the Giallorossi managers, without the parties seeing each other. Just a coincidence? Yes, in the new Rome De Rossi will not be there, his future is still in the field.

Roberto Maida at the restaurant where Pallotta, Fienga and Baldini met

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