The common good above internal wars –

In one of the most delicate moments in the history of Rome writes Paola Di Caro on Corriere della Sera at the end of a season in which companies, management, technicians, trainers, doctors and footballers were wrong, it is understandable to vent anger and pain.

It is for the fans, forced to watch a bad game, a 7-1, the delay and confusion with which they were taken or not made decisions . But besides them, no one is without fault. No one can raise the white flag, except at the moment when it closes the metaphorical locker and leaves.

No leader has the right to fight a private war – in Boston, London or Trigoria – on the skin of Rome. Not even – it's hard to say – the most glorious player. We should remember this as we prepare to say goodbye to a piece of ourselves: everything passes but Rome remains beyond the men who are there, they have been and will be there. Rome is the common good to be protected. From those who command, perform or simply love it. If he really loves her.

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