Perrotta: "De Rossi? I'm very sorry about how it went, we shared wonderful moments"

PERROTTA DE ROSSI – The thought of Simone Perrotta on the story Daniele De Rossi on the sidelines of the gala evening of the 21th edition of Mundialido, staged at the Ghione theater From Rome. These are his words: "I am very sorry about how it went, I shared with Daniele beautiful moments on the field, 9 years of the locker room and also a piece of private life. Unfortunately, choices have been made by society, I can imagine how it is these days. News that has been around the world, perhaps only in Vatican City have no banners been seen. I can only understand it and I am close to it morally. " Simone Perrotta together with Max Tonetto and David Di Michele will take the field on Sunday at 6.00 pm at the Longarina sports center with the shirt of Italy for the opening game of the 21st edition of the tournament reserved for foreigners in Italy.

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