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(…) Seeing him yesterday, no longer very young, under the water, with wet glasses and damp hair, talking to the fans, trying to protect those who work every day in Trigoria, for many Romanists represented a image hard to forget. was and remains of Rome, under the storm, metaphorical and otherwise, of a normal Wednesday in May. What then has little normal because in two days the Rome plays against and at stake there is a beautiful piece of Europe. More or less prestigious. He tries to isolate the team as much as he can, but he knows how difficult it is

And it took him very little, very little, to understand how the two souls of Rome are in opposition to each other. He understood it, (…) and those around him understood it too. Claudia's husband, her daughter, actor Alessandro Roia, published a photo of her together with writing: "Rome is Romanist, utopia". Few words, very clear. Among the first to put "like" another of the sons of Rome sent away, Alberto Aquilani. It was 2009, another era, in every sense. As of another life it seems the photo always posted by the same Roia of who enters Trigoria hand in hand with his grandson Orlando. Two weeks have passed.


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