Rome without flags prepares for Gasperini. And Totti …

ROME – The clean-up is now complete: via the managing director, via the sports director, via the coach, via the captain. The Rome chooses once again to bet on itself, all before each part, without fear of tearing up the flags, the traditional connective tissue between society and the fans. According to a banal corporate renewal principle, Pallotta accompanies Daniele De Rossi to the door, offering him the only job he didn't care about. The resigned on his part does not react as T otti, agreeing not to affect his entirely Roman career, and goes to play elsewhere, proudly. (…) And who knows that the orientation towards Gian Piero Gasperini who is evaluating the offer of Rome, has not accelerated the departure from De Rossi, an old and somewhat worn-out, unfit player to the style of soccer based on athletics and intensity admired at Atalanta. Probably, if Conte had arrived in Trigoria, De Rossi would have received an offer to renew the player's contract. But things went differently, because Conte took other roads.

THE BROTHER. The sudden break between Rome and De Rossi leads us to another open case: Totti. Yesterday he sat sadly at the edge of the press room, standing in silence. But soon he could vent his dissatisfaction with a still minor role within management. De Rossi invited him in front of everyone to take more power, recalling the statements of a few weeks ago: if it had been for the big brother, who lived on his skin the forcing of an early withdrawal, the extension would have been a formality. Replicas are expected.

Totti, departing for Kuwait where tomorrow will play a charity tournament, in his message of solidarity on Instagram he wrote a significant hashtag, "We will come back big together ", but from this story comes weakened: 1) because Rome offered De Rossi an operational role from manager, a sort of deputy Fienga, and to him nothing despite a contract already signed with Rosella Sensi; 2) because even on De Rossi, his line did not prevail. Totti's future at Rome, with the "rival" Baldini always present and invisible on the other side of the mirror, is a topic under discussion. With unpredictable consequences. In what corporate structure Totti will have the importance it asks for?

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