Perotti: "We want to do well for De Rossi, for us and for the fans. It deserves a better end"

PEROTTI MATCH PROGRAM – The protagonist of this week's Match Program is Diego Perotti . These are the words of the Argentine to Roma TV microphones:

Let's start with her, how is she?

"Well, luckily I recovered from this last injury which unfortunately didn't allow me to play in Genoa. I returned with Juve, on the bench, but fortunately I am at the disposal of the coach and my teammates ".

The victory with Juventus brought three very important points, both for the classification and for morale. It was a heavy victory and, if you will, also Romanist pride.

"Yes, it can be one of those
games that we missed this season. The boys did
come out the pride that this city, these fans, represents
this team. I hope the three points can serve a purpose
season to reach the goal ".

Two games are missing at the end of the season, 6 points up for grabs again for Europe.

“Yes, but unfortunately it does not depend on
we can only make 6 points, and wait. If it depended only on
Our results would be different, but we didn't do very well, not
we did as we expected. Lost points are complicating
the run-up to the zono Champions. But we will give the maximum up to
end of the season and we will wait for the other teams to lose points
and we could play this beautiful one next year
competition ".

It was a difficult, complicated season. Qualifying in the Champions League at the moment seems very difficult. But football has taught us that we must never give up …

“Even the teams that are playing salvation, with forty points, are still in the balance. Fiorentina, for example, who seemed to be out of it, in a few races the situation got complicated. It is not arithmetically still safe. Overall it was a fairly balanced season, except for Juventus, which once again made a great year and won the championship many games before the end. There are so many meetings between the teams that are up there, we are looking forward to positive results for us. But we have to make six points, what they do doesn't matter if we don't win them all. "

In general, the team did not have a consistent performance, as it happened to her who could not play continuously. She missed the field, but Roma missed Perotti …

"I definitely missed the
field of what I missed them! It was the worst year
of my career, I've never been so long. I had
problems that forced me to stay out and see mine
comrades on TV. I came to train, to do injury therapy
simple, all muscular; I haven't been stationed for six months for a
knee that can happen. Mine were small stops that to
they did not allow me to reach the condition. When I was
well and I was never at the level of my companions and gods
rivals, you could see the difference in physical condition. It is me
sorry not to be available to help, to give mine
contribution for a better season. I hope the next one will be
different from this year ".

Sassuolo evokes positive memories. 2 February 2016 yellow jersey debut and first assist for El Shaarawy … remember that day?

“Yes, of course I remember. There
Sunday I had played with the Genoa shirt and two days
after that I went down with Roma. I played 90 minutes, I did
the first assist and we won with one less because Naingolan was
been expelled. It is one of the beautiful memories I carry with me. There are
bad moments, but there are also very beautiful memories like the
day of the debut. And I hope this Saturday can end in
beautiful memories ".

Today Sassuolo doesn't seem to be looking for points, it's arithmetically safe. However it is a game that can hide many pitfalls …

"These are races we sometimes have
wrong thinking he had already won the game. We are the most
strong, with players in a positive moment, but we can't think
that their season is over and therefore they will not play to the maximum.
I was in Genoa and when we met the big guys we wanted to do
always good even if those points did not serve the ranking. I knew
that everyone was watching me, so think that it will be a race
easy would be a big mistake. A mistake that we must not
commit, if we do not qualify three points in the Champions League
would be impossible, but Europe would also be difficult
League. We have to do one of the two competitions 100%. "

After the De Rossi conference, you feel an extra responsibility to do well and close as you should the captain's last season?

" I was for four years sitting next to him in the dressing room at the Olimpico. I saw him take anti-inflammatories as if they were sweets to play for Roma. We want to do good for him, for us, for the fans. It deserves a better end than what we've done so far. "

What does Diego Perotti see in his future?

"I only see Rome. I renewed the
contract last year until 2021 and I don't imagine anything
different. First of all because it's not what I want. In this
season when I played I gave up, I definitely would
could have done more like everyone, but I gave 100%. For this I am
satisfied, even if, as I have already said, it was certainly not one
positive season, on a personal and group level. I want to do
better, as in previous years; I see myself only with the shirt of
Rome ".

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