News of the day. Disputation of the fans in Trigoria for De Rossi, Pellegrini in doubt for Sassuolo. Marega to replace Dzeko

NEWS DELLA GIORNATA – All the news of the yellow and red day collected for you in an article: good reading!

TRAINING ROME – After the shock announcement of Daniele's De Rossi farewell to Roma, the Roma team returned to training in the afternoon to prepare the match for Saturday evening at 8.30 pm against Sassuolo at the Mapei Stadium. The Giallorossi's session began with athletic work in the half-hour gym, and then continued on the pitch despite the rain. Immediately after technical-tactical work: first tactical match, then usual small-field match. Separately Pellegrini individual programmed for Zaniolo . The number 7, after the problem reported against Juventus, seems to be in strong doubt for Saturday's match: in case of absence, space will be given to De Rossi together with Nzonzi, with the class of '99 confirmed in the role of trequartista.

RANIERI PRESS CONFERENCE – Approach Sassuolo-Roma scheduled for Saturday night at Mapei Stadium . Tomorrow, antivigilia of the race, Claudio Ranieri will speak at a press conference to present the game. Appointment at 10.30 am at the sports center of Trigoria.

DE ROSSI – La Rome and De Rossi said goodbye, or rather the Giallorossa society decided to dismiss the Giallorossi captain who would have gladly stayed on token if they had offered it to him. A presence contract, as reported by Corriere dello Sport, would have been the ideal solution for De Rossi. On the evening of Tuesday Pallotta had re-thought us by agreeing to propose a contract 'per match', but it was already late: he had not come to terms with the pride of the captain

REAZIONI ADDIO DE ROSSI – The decision of Rome not to renew Daniele's contract De Rossi caused disappointment and frustration among the Giallorossi fans. Not only, however, because the news of the captain's farewell also arrived abroad, where they judge the work of the Capitoline society very severely. The London-based online newspaper ‘The Independent’, points its finger straight at the top of the club and opens with a tough, strong and clear headline: “ Shameful, unfair, a tragedy. De Rossi deserved better than this shameful decision to suddenly put an end to an 18-year-old love story ". In Rome, the fans strongly protest and the love story of De Rossi on May 26 is " destined to end in tragedy ".
DELNERI – Luigi Delneri former coach of Rome spoke of Daniele's De Rossi farewell to the Capitoline club: "I think the age has affected a lot even if I see Daniele still as a player. This year it has proven to still be the fulcrum, football needs these representatives. Later these characters move away the more you do the good of football, it is my thought. People like De Rossi, in addition to being players, have charisma, importance in what they do and as long as these players feel like going ahead in football it is right that they do it. De Rossi still has the stimulus, the desire and over the years he will be able to prove that he could have a great time in this football world for a while ”.
MARRA – The Cavaliere del Lavoro Giuseppe Marra for over twenty years on the board of directors of the Giallorossi club, intervenes in this way on the moment he is going through Rome both on and off the field, following the announcement of Daniele's farewell De Rossi at the end of this season: “ In recent years we have witnessed the incessant dispersion of the heritage of vehicles, of human capital and of the athletes of Rome. A society with this history cannot be administered by a cold office of a glittering city from which an entire ocean separates us. An ocean that now seems increasingly constituted not only of water, but of coldness, detachment and perhaps disinterest in the fate of this great team ".
ZOFF – Former goalkeeper and blue coach Dino Zoff spoke to soccermagazine microphones also talking about De Rossi and of Rome : “ The epilogue belongs to everyone, eh! Because when you get to a certain age, so many things take over. Yes, sorry, he made a living in Rome etc., but this happens almost to all “.
GIANNINI – Giuseppe Giannini wanted to express his disappointment: "I am nervous, embittered, disappointed. Another piece of history that is downloaded and removed. I'm sorry, he deserved something else. One who makes over 600 appearances with Rome cannot be greeted with a half-hour press conference or thanks via tweet. I only hope that it is not an indication of the next technician ".
FANS – Yesterday evening, banners appeared under the company's headquarters in Via Tolstoj signed by the 'Roma' group: "Ddr nostro vanto" and "[19659032] Sons of Rome captains and flags, here is the respect and love that this society can never have ".

TRIGORIA CONTEST – After the discontent on social and radio, the fans, the announcement of the farewell of Daniel De Rossi pass to the facts. Around 100 Giallorossi supporters, in fact, around 3 pm on this rainy day, gathered outside the Fulvio Bernardini sports center to express their disagreement with the decision not to renew the contract to the captain of Rome . Hard banners: " AS Company today we clarify the matter " and choirs against Pallotta to repeat until the most important moment, when De Rossi Massara and Ranieri showed up in front of the fans. A peaceful conversation, with the number 16 that wanted to appease its "people" but reiterating a concept: it will not turn back in the event of a rethinking of society. Ranieri tried to lower the tone and defend the ds Ricky Massara not guilty for the decision taken by the company, also reiterating, to some fans who asked the coach if he could stay, that June will finish its work in the Capital.

FUTURO DE ROSSI De Rossi will leave Rome next May 26th, then continue to play. America continues to call, but also Japan, China and Argentina continue pressing. The former gialloross or Burdisso (now ds of Boca Junior) would have contacted the midfielder to try to convince him to accept Xeneize . A possibility that the same De Rossi i n past had revealed to not disdain. In addition there would also be PSG which has already made a similar blow with Buffon and Manchester City which was already close to Daniele years ago.

ULTIMA PARTITA DE ROSSI – In the minds of all the Romanist fans there is still some disbelief: Daniele De Rossi will end the season [at the end of the season]. Rome after 18 years of love. The last match with the Giallorossi colors for DDR will be on May 26, at his stadium, the Olimpico, against Parma a game that evokes many memories. Speaking of memories, only two years ago he greeted all the Romanist and non-Francis people Totti eternal captain, with a final speech at the Capitoline stadium. Unlike the former number 10, however, there will be no speech at the end of the game, but more likely the number 16 will buy a newspaper page with which it will greet its fans.

PANCHINA ROMA QUOTE – In the coming months Rome could become the decisive city for Gian Piero Gasperini . Among the analysts, the idea that the technician of Atalanta will be the next coach of the Giallorossi is strengthened and also the overtaking on Marco Giampaolo favored until two days ago, arrives at high altitude: from 3.50 Gasperini, reports Agipronews, is now offered at 2.50 on Snai, right in front of the fellow Sampdoria who instead plays at 2.75. The third name, the last concrete one according to the bookmakers, is that of Maurizio Sarri, at 5.00; among the other options, much higher, there are also Josè Mourinho at 13.00 and Roberto De Zerbi at 25.00.

SARRI Sarri after the third place in Premier and the final of Europa League conquered could be put at the door since Chelsea . Once the final of Europa League in Baku against Arsenal, Sarri will be free on the market and in Italy there are clubs who are closely following the evolution of the situation: Rome and Milan . Franco Baldini greatly esteems the Tuscan technician and in the middle there is also a long friendship that could be decisive on the final choice.

CALCIOMERCATO – After Daniele's goodbye De Rossi also another 'senator' like Edin Dzeko could leave the capital in the summer. A goal to replace it could be Moussa Marega striker class 1991 of the Porto, on which there would be, however, the strong pressing of West Ham. Manolas instead, it could be freed by paying the 37 million euro clause that had been included in the last renewal. Those who are sure to remain, despite the strong interest of Tottenham is Zaniolo: “At the end of the year my attorney and the company will be put at the table but I am serene, I see my future at Rome, I want to stay and I will do everything to honor this great jersey ".

AJAX HOLLAND CHAMPION Ajax thanks to the 4 to 1 victory over De Graafschap won the 34th Scudetto in the history of the Lancers. The red and white bring a title to Amsterdam that had been missing for five years and thus crown a dream season, with a final of Champions League touched.

FINALE ITALIA CUP – At 20:45 yes the final of Italian Cup is played: Lazio and Atalanta competed at the Olimpico for the national trophy. The biancocelesti come out winners, thanks to goals, both in the second half, of Milinkovic-Savic and Correa .

EUROPA LEAGUE ROME – With the victory of Italian Cup by Lazio plans to enter Europe of Rome they get complicated; the biancocelesti, even not returning to the first 6 positions, have direct access to Europa League . The Giallorossi, ranking sixth, should therefore play the preliminaries of the tournament.

FEEL ABOUT – On the main Roman radio frequencies the main theme is that of De Rossi's farewell to Rome. Alessandro Austini at Tele Radio Stere or: "It is a very courageous choice that has been taken of society, even if in between there are trampled feelings. He estimated that a 36-year-old player will not be useful for the next season, I agree that it is a suicide from a sentimental point of view but from a technical point of view it is a courageous choice. If there is a mistake certainly the management of everything, De Rossi deserved another way. Roma has grown as much as a company and within it is the sports club, although it should be the other way around ”. Max Leggeri at Centro Suono Sport : "Yesterday in the name of Daniele De Rossi, the ' Romanist Risorgimento ' began, an exceptional resource to be exploited by the future, I hope, imminent new property. Yesterday the second longest-lived player in the history of Rome was abandoned, put at the door, as 'our boast' as a banner posted in the city says, but they don't give a damn. This time you have committed a sensational own goal: you are up against the Roma fan. The management of your company is incompatible with our passion. Surrender! The AS Roma will never be perceived, lived, considered a simple company ".

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