From the emotion of Zaniolo to the controversy of Florenzi: all the messages of his companions to De Rossi

ROME – De Rossi's farewell has unleashed a tam tam social of messages of affection addressed to the captain of Rome. The next May 26, the midfielder will play his last game with the Giallorossi jersey after the club's decision not to renew his contract. His teammates yesterday were present at the conference press farewell to their teammate, then posted his own social messages of thanks and support. [19659003] Goodbye De Rossi, all the messages of his teammates
 Goodbye De Rossi, all the messages of his teammates


Goodbye De Rossi, the team in conference. Hugs and applause for the captain

One of the first to publish was Nicolò Zaniolo : « I hadn't entered Trigoria yet when I received your message with "Welcome to the family". That's how you made me feel day after day … thank you Captain, it was a great privilege to play with you ". Then it was the turn of Fazio : «You are the greatest, on and off the pitch. Absolutely an example for all, a true leader. We will miss you ".

Antonio Mirante will also be missing, goalkeeper who met the Giallorossi captain in many challenges as an opponent: « Point of reference for an entire generation, a team and the his fans. Extraordinary opponent, companion and captain even more. Example also for a veteran like me! To someone like you you can not help but wish the best! ». An example therefore also for who is already a player with experience like Ivan Marcano : «An example to follow inside and outside the field, a leader who gives you the passion for Rome, a great man. Thank you Captain, thank you Daniel ".


«A captain in and out of the field! A true champion !! Thanks for everything Daniele, it was an honor to share the locker room for 5 years with you !! You will miss everyone! "the message of Koastas Manolas . But the most moving message was certainly that of Alessandro Florenzi who will inherit the captain's armband right after the departure of De Rossi: «Ciao vecchio GRAZIE
THANK YOU for the person you are to me.
THANK YOU for your teachings.
THANK YOU for your stick and your carrot.
THANK YOU for every single moment spent together.
THANK YOU for having been there at 4 am on October 27.
THANK YOU for what you gave to Rome.
THANK YOU for your punches.
THANK YOU for your beautiful soul.
THANK YOU for past battles together.
THANK YOU for always being there as a man, as a friend.
THANK YOU for your loyalty.
THANK YOU for your honesty.
THANK YOU for letting me know what the word Captain means.
THANK YOU for simply being Daniele De Rossi.
It has been a source of pride to be with you over the years .
hi daniè THANK YOU.

But then controversy again on social media:« Respect is a mutual thing. If you want respect you have to respect » followed by an emoticon thoughtful . It is not known with certainty to whom this tip is addressed, but the timing makes one think.


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