"De Rossi should play up to 50 years. For Rome it is a sporting, moral and aesthetic heritage" »LaRoma24.it – ​​All News, News, In-depth News Live on AS Roma

RADIO CAPITAL – «The company was wrong to send ». Francesco De Gregori, intervening on the radio station, commented on the story of the captain of Rome to which the company has decided not to renew the contract. «For me should play up to 50 years i – says the singer-songwriter -. For Rome it represents a heritage, sporting, moral and aesthetic. I don't like thinking that it will go away. was part of the story of this football and was part of it as a real man. To chase it away in this way does not honor this society ". According to De Gregori, "Rome has badly handled this affair, just as the case was handled very badly. For me, Captain Future will always remain the future captain and will never be past captain ».

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