De Rossi, audio sprouting on Whatsapp: here is the interview with Fienga

ROME – During the day ticked audio WhatsApp di Daniele De Rossi about conversation had two days ago between him and the managing director Guido Fienga when he was informed that he would not be renewed the contract.


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De Rossi – you listen in the audio that is making the rounds of the social networks – he tells of the conversation he had with Fienga when the manager communicated to him the decision of the company . According to the player, the GDR's reply would have been that he would inform Fienga of his desire for a contract linked to the presences tokens of one hundred thousand euros per game, precisely for not burden on corporate finances. In such a way, therefore, that if he had not even played a game for technical or physical reasons, would have remained at Rome even free . At this point the ad Fienga would have replied to De Rossi that this type of contract was just what he wanted to offer, indeed, adding a fixed part in the contract – something that De Rossi would also have declined, saying he did not want it either.

A interview finished the managing director would have told De Rossi that he would talk about it with Pallotta and after forty minutes a positive reply would come from the president, satisfied with the economic terms. The Giallorossi captain however, understandably resented for a company silence on his one-year contract and for the previous communication on the will to not want to renew by the company, he would have refused the late proposal.

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