Curva Sud, tomorrow sit-in for De Rossi: "We demand respect"

ROME – The Curva Sud takes to the streets to protest against the farewell of Daniele De Rossi. After the protest yesterday afternoon in front of the Fulvio Bernardini sports center, the Giallorossi fans decided to organize a sit-in for tomorrow afternoon in front of the Rome headquarters at Eur.

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Here below the release of the Curve: «Now that's enough! DDR was only the last in a long series of unclear behavior towards those who love these colors. We cannot stand idly by the cancellation of our values, our fixed points, our certainties. Now that's enough, the Romanists will take to the streets and will be heard with a sit-in that will be held tomorrow, Friday 17, in Piazza Guglielmo Marconi at 3.00 pm, in front of the administrative headquarters of the company AS Roma. This is an invitation to anyone who feels betrayed in their soul, to anyone who believes it is right to show their disappointment, as the boys of the Curva Sud believe, because Rome is a common good, but above all Rome is of its people. For this reason we ask for respect and that is why you must not miss your presence. AS ROMA BELONGS TO US ".


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