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Luigi Lardone, president of Ostiamare club in which he was born a football player spoke to the radio station talking about a possible landing of the midfielder at the club of the Roman coast: " That can return to the Ostiamare base, it is not such a distant idea, for Daniele's love for that that we call a city in the city, and vice versa, that has Ostia for him. A few years ago, two or three, in an interview with Corriere dello Sport, said that in Italy he would play only in As an alternative to Rome! "

We formalize this contract, then …
" For technical, moral and physical quality, can play in our category (the D Series) for more than a year. once, where the players reached 46/47 years, in England a kick atore arrived at 50 (it was Baronet Stanley Matthews, never admonished !, n.d.r.). Daniele could beat them all "

6 million a year, perhaps the speakers of Ostia can't spend them …
" We do thirty championships, with the whole team! ", Says the biancoviola president with a smile". [19659008] What kind of contract could we do?
"The economic aspect doesn't make any sense, it's just a matter of passion. The day you decide to stop with professional football, and want to enter a quieter life, we are open. We can guarantee a subscription to the best restaurants in Ostia "

And could not be used in the double role of player and then coach or together, on the end of the parable?
" Daniele will make a great career, even if I know him marginally, but it seems to me a person with a brain, and in the world of football there are not so many ".

You talked about it with Luigi Baioni, and with the director sports Quadraccia, of this curious situation? It will be a topic of discussion at the bar, in the rare work breaks, right?
Maybe not everyone knows it, but Daniele plays with two shin guards that represent Rome and other the Ostiamare. He said that the last team he would play in was Ostiamare. We keep the secretariat open 24 hours a day, if it comes! ".


“I have trouble thinking that they do not have a better communication capacity. It seems strange to me that they said Tuesday if he wanted to renew. He is a player who is asked "how many years do you want a contract? One two?". You tell him before: that way, things are done. Difficult, however, to speak from the outside ".

A few years ago, during the renewal, the International came forward, from a reliable source. I also understand that in addition to China, there is who dotes on the character and tactical qualities of this player. And maybe the will make up for it below, and badly …
“I don't think it goes. I don't think it goes to another Italian team, out of respect for Rome. I have no direct information but I believe that not only two years ago, Daniel had had sirens to go somewhere else. There was also talk of a few years ago. "

Also from the City of Mancini …
" With wages even higher. From here I believe that out of respect for the shirt, not the society, don't go to another Italian club ", concludes number 1 of the Os.

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