Verdone: "De Rossi's orphans, after Totti's farewell he was the one who kept the flag high"

VERDONE DE ROSSI TOTTI – “I am so sorry as a Romanist fan. Daniele has always been a true warrior, he gave the soul even when he was not physically at the maximum. After Totti's farewell he was left to hold up the red and yellow flag. Now we are orphans “.

THE Addio DEL CAPITANO – Carlo Verdone expresses himself dramatically by commenting on the farewell to Rome of the captain Daniele de Rossi . Roman before Romanist, Verdone as reported by the Corriere dello Sport, connects the champion and his city: “We live a somewhat depressed Rome and there is no doubt that the farewell by De Rossi makes the Roma supporter even more resigned. It seems an exaggeration but it is not so. The favorite team is a bit of a safety valve compared to everyday life, football is not just a game but can become a formidable medicine, which makes you face everyday problems better ".

THE SOCIETY – The company strategies at Verdone are not very popular: "I understand the economic needs but a little too much. For years they have been foraging the top teams in the world with our players and we fans are suffering a lot. Alisson and Salah are an example. Anyway banishment to the controversy: today there is only to wish Daniele a great future, he deserves it ".

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