Goodbye De Rossi, protest from the fans: banners and a cross against Pallotta and society

ROME – Sunday, May 26 Daniele De Rossi will play his last match with the Roma shirt, the tickets for the Olympic stadium are practically already sold out. However, waiting for that sad day for all the Romanists, the fans have started this night a last protest against the president Pallotta and society guilty to have left the last Giallorossi flag away from Totti two years later. During the night the South Curve exposed three banners in well-studied locations: « Children of Rome, captains and flags. Here is the respect and love that this society can never have ", the first before the Rome headquarters at the Eur with a flag of the US turned, mass on the office door together with a cross . The second banner was exposed to Campo Testaccio : « A pig president and an incompetent society. DDR forever in the heart of your people ", while the third near De Rossi's house, in the area Castel Sant'Angelo DDR our pride ».


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