Goodbye De Rossi, Del Piero: "I know how you feel"

ROME – The sudden farewell of Daniele De Rossi to the Giallorossi colors imposed by the Capitoline society, in addition to creating discontent among the supporters, has also shaken those who have traveled with him together a career trait. Among these Alex Del Piero who like him did not choose to leave his team.

THE MESSAGE OF ALEX – In a post on his social channels, l 'ex number 10 of Juve shows solidarity with his former national team-mate: «You have been a loyal opponent and a companion of unforgettable moments. That stadium, those penalties. World champions! But you are above all a special and profound person. I know how you feel and I can imagine how much you still want to play, to have fun and to pass on to the field your great passion for football. And when you stop, I know that you will also be a very good coach, if that's what you want. A big hug Daniele today as in Berlin ".

Mancini:« Addio De Rossi? A sad day and a great sorrow »

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