fans in the streets for De Rossi, but the farewell is certain. Contested company –

The next day it hurts more. After yesterday's shock at the news of Daniele's De Rossi farewell, the mobilization of supporters started today. And if when he was Totti having to say enough, his people (given also the more advanced age) tried to understand, now nobody wants to get over it.

CONTEST – During the night some banners signed by the group of the Curva Sud "Roma", have appeared. The first under the new headquarters of the EUR : “Children of Rome, captains and flags. Here is the respect and love that this society can never have ”. On the side, attached to the entrance door, a flag of the United States on the contrary and a cross . The second banner was exhibited at Campo Testaccio : “A president pig and an incompetent society. DDR forever in the heart of your people ". The last one, dedicated only to Daniele, below his house in the area Castel Sant'Angelo : "DDR nostro vanto" .

FACE FACE – In the afternoon the dispute is spread . In Trigoria hundreds of fans gathered to ask for a direct confrontation with the company and try to make the protagonists change their mind . In the pouring rain they exhibited banners ("AS Azienda" and "Fatelo signature" two examples) and chanted choirs against Pallotta . With the situation that risked ending up out of control, Massara, Ranieri and De Rossi himself came out of the gates for a comparison. According to supporters' reconstructions, the technician would have asked not to blame the leaders who live in the capital, because the decision would have come from Boston and London (Pallotta and Baldini).

ATTACKS AND GREETINGS – In the general chaos they are finished also the sisters of James Pallotta and their restaurant Nebo, invaded by negative reviews and insults of angry fans. After the social bombardment, the sisters were forced to close the page, now unavailable on Facebook . Sarah Felberbaum wife of De Rossi instead used the opportunity to "control" Salvini on Instagram. The actress has in fact posted a cartoon with Salvini who boasted of the hashtag #capitano returned in vogue, but obviously referred to De Rossi . Many, many, the messages of proximity to the number 16 by ex campagni (Vucinic, Doni, Juan, Dodò, etc.) and adversaries, including also Alex Del Piero who experienced a similar farewell. "I know how you feel" the words of the former Juventus. In the meantime, news on the day of farewell is filtered. With the Olimpico already practically sold out, De Rossi would have decided not to make a speech like Totti but to buy a newspaper page and say goodbye to his people.

TO SASSUOLO – The Rome returned to the field this afternoon to prepare the Sassuolo match. The team divided the work into an athletic part and a tactical part. Apart Pellegrini still at risk for Sassuolo, and Zaniolo who carried out a planned individual. Tomorrow at 10.30 the press conference of Ranieri but the impression is that little will be spoken about the field.

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