Diego Bianchi: "De Rossi? If you have it you keep it. Always. There is no company so stupid as not to understand it (except for one)"

ROME – A farewell that has torn the Romanist fan's flesh again, still struggling with the trauma of the farewell to football Totti . Daniele De Rossi will no longer wear the number 16 shirt. The second Roman and Romanist captain to leave Trigoria, the second flag lowered in the space of (not even a year). Too much for the people of Rome who violently disputed the company (the president Pallotta and the director Franco Baldini in the first place). To trigger the dissent of the fans the choice for many absurd not to renew the DDR contract. A clear strategy for an unmistakable message: the American company has decided to send the midfielder away. A non-consensual separation that set fire to the cold day of the capital with the protests in Trigoria and the polemical banners in front of the club's headquarters at the

Zaniolo: "Farewell to De Rossi great loss"

Dissent also manifested itself on social networks with enraged Romanist fans for the leadership modus operandi, capable of abandoning the team's symbol with a cold press release. Among the many items that have accumulated in these hours there are two that stand out. Are those of the fan Marco Giallini Roman actor and Romanist, who did not use half terms to comment on the story: " I wonder where the Heart ended. It cannot be, that people, given the interests, the Games of "power", in the hope of being immortal, may in some way give, with nonchalance, such news, to a CALCISTIC PUBLIC, like that of ROME, a public, which would have deserved, in the course of history, to have More Satisfaction and to "suffer" than Less! … This, I wouldn't Forgive my MOTHER either, let alone a President I don't know … or to whom for him. "… the -ROMA-, from today, has one of Meno, which" suffers "(footballing speaking) for a team, and for a sport, which has disregarded its expectations of clarity, and belonging to something, that had to do with the Heart! "Giallini's long post on his Instagram page


THE WORDS OF ZORO – Another post has made much fanfare, that of Diego Bianchi aka Zoro program host " Live Propaganda" on La 7, Giallorossi fan which almost never speaks of football in public. This time he made an exception to express his dissent on the infamous choice of the Roman society: " Daniele De Rossi soccer player, captain, leader, brain, heart, muscles, class, charisma, fan, friend, if you have it you keep it "Always. There is no company so stupid as not to understand it (except for one) ".

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