The background of the Al-Khelaifi-Campos dispute: "Who are you?" Pallotta thinks again

ROME – Luis Campos is increasingly away from Rome . Not only because market consultant would not come to work in the capital but would continue his work from Montecarlo where his company is based, but because the president Pallotta would be convinced in accepting the Italian solution with Massara on pole to definitively fill the post from director sportsman. In the evaluation taken by the president of Rome he could also have engraved on character of Portuguese, protagonist of of a discussion animated with the president of PSG Nasser Al-Khelaifi during the competition between Lille and the Parisian team.

RECONSTRUCTION – The newspaper «Le Parisien» today revealed how the facts went. The president of the PSG at the interval wanted to go down in the tunnel of the stadium Pierre Mauroy to have clarifications by the referee about some decisions taken in the first forty-five minutes and which had penalized the visiting team. «You can't go down. Here we are not in Paris, we are in Lille and we deserve respect "the hard words of Campos who had tried to block Al- Khelaifi in the stands.

WHO ARE YOU? – The Arab patron then asked to the Portuguese who was «without irony, because he really didn't know Campos», the words of a witness . However, the Lille market consultant had interpreted the question as an insult then answering sharply and in very bright tones to Al-Khelaifi: « And who would you be? ". From that « misunderstanding » a animated

discussion had started in the stands, then continued at the end of the game also in the tunnel leading to the locker rooms. So much so that the PSG technician Tuchel had been forced to take Al-Khelaifi for the scarf and direct him to the exit corridor of the stadium. All born from a «qui pro quo» because the president of the PSG really didn't know who Campos was: it is more than probable that Al-Khelaifi had not recognized Portuguese being he "only" a consultant of the market and probably not appearing in the executive framework of Lille . And who knows, maybe even for this Pallotta did backward on Campos : at this moment Rome needs figures clear clear precise and that they work within the walls of Trigoria .

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