'Raining Comments', Dzeko yes or no? Fans are divided: it depends on the alternative

PIOVONO COMMENTI DZEKO ‘Piovono Comments’ is the new column conceived and created by Romanews.eu to give fans a voice on the most important topics in the Giallorossi. Every week we will publish your most intriguing comments that will arrive on our site and on social networks. One of the main themes in the Giallorossi home is Edin's future Dzeko . The Bosnian striker scored the winning goal (1st at the Olimpico in Serie A this season) against Udinese in the last round of the championship, but it seems that the company does not want to renew the contract that expires in June 2020. Fans of Rome split up on this topic.

DZEKO YES – The Giallorossi supporters who would like Edin Dzeko to stay in the capital are many. Antonio T. is categorical: "It should be kept". Davide would confirm this regardless of this year's performance: "Despite the bad season it is the only one in front of him that knows how to play ball." Laura has no doubts: "Renewal immediately". Fabrizio also thinks so: "Renew it and that's it". Francesco is more romantic: "I hope he stays forever." Then there is Antonio R. who thinks: "I would say not to sell it, for the weight in terms of character and international personality".

DZEKO NO – In Rome there are also several fans who would send away the Bosnian striker. According to Federico: "Right to sell it! If you do not win the championships it is also because you have your best striker who scores only 1 goal at home every year! He scored more Defrel than Dzeko! Read the numbers: Dzeko 8 goals, Defrel 9 … ". Fiorenzo believes it is time to sell it: "Dzeko has arrived, he is not continuous and it is right that he goes away then he also has a certain age but I hope he will make a season finale unobtrusively". For Alessandro: "Dzeko has finished his cycle at Rome". Then there is Lino, who is more direct: "Let's hope he takes off the boxes and doesn't do like Borriello or players like that. And it's not just 6 million, the company takes almost 9 million between net and gross. However, if they manage to give it up to 15 million you can close the first real capital gain! Exploited to the maximum and sold almost at the purchase price. This is business. Dajeeee ".

DEPENDS – There are many Romanist fans undecided about the future of Edin Dzeko. There is Ivan, for example, who would hand him over but would like a worthy replacement: "Only if Schick also leaves. Let's take a proprietor and a young man to support him in the Celar style or a reserve at Caputo ”. Simone is more or less on the same line of thought: "I don't know. But I would like to know the substitute first, because sincerely for a blowjob I keep Dzeko … many times more! ". For Marco: "It depends on the alternative."

Riccardo Casoli

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