Tor di Valle, on the public interest M5S counts in the commission –

Today the resolution that cancels the public interest on the Stadio della Roma enters the Campidoglio

The resolution that cancels the public interest on the Roma stadium enter Campidoglio, today, ten-thirty, and will go straight to the Sports Commission. It is a noisy entrance that carries with it the loudly shouted no from City Hall IX led by Movement 5 stars . And if Tor di Valle even the majority municipal councilors, do not want the stadium in Tor di Valle becomes very complicated to move forward. Several pentastellels want to reset everything. In the Sports Commission there are already two M5S advisers opposed to this controversial football-real estate operation. They are Gemma Guerrini and Carlo Maria Chiossi. But the commission also includes the group leader Giuliano Pacetti and Angelo Diario who will have to probe the land which is not very fertile today to resume the administrative procedure with a light heart. Today the two councilors could be replaced and demonstrate a calm no, which would become a deafening no in the Assembly, or reveal their disagreement that in any case adds to that of at least five other majority colleagues.
For them the ordinance is authentic of the judge who wrote very clear words about Tor di Valle. "During the activities a series of criminal operations were reconstructed, aimed at obtaining administrative measures favorable to the construction of the New Stadium of Rome". This is a passage from the arrest warrant of the former president of the Capitoline Assembly that several councilors now know by heart and repeat to the point of nausea to colleagues who talk about the administrative procedure not affected by the investigations.

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