Ranieri blinds the defense, Mirante closes the door: thus Roma suffers less goals

DEFENSE DEFENSE MIRANTE – With the defeat for 1-4 at the Olimpico against Napoli Roma reached the bottom. From that moment on, the team of Ranieri rolled up their sleeves and circled to try to restart and hit the season goal: fourth place and, therefore, qualifying for the next Champions League . The ascent, even if tiring, seems to have begun with two victories and a draw and with another extremely important datum: having kept the clean sheet twice in succession, against Sampdoria and Udinese . With the advent of the technical testaccino, therefore, two things have changed: the attitude of the team and the goalkeeper, who is now Antonio Mirante .

THE NUMBERS OF AIMER – After the errors against Napoli Ranieri made a strong decision: out Olsen inside Mirante as starting goalkeeper. The results, at the moment, seem to justify the technician with two ' clean sheet ' consecutive, never happened this season. In total, the number 83 held the clean sheet 3 times in 5 league games, against 4 in 27 Swedish games. Furthermore, the former Bologna reached 213 minutes of unbeaten run, numbers never reached by Olsen throughout the year. In addition, in Serie A, the average of the goals conceded by the two is to be analyzed: with the former Copenhagen in the door, Roma took on average 1.55 goals per game, with Mirante 0.6. Of course, the Swede has played many more games, but the trend is at least interesting and to keep an eye on.

THE DEFENSE – However, we cannot ignore the change in attitude of the Giallorossa team on defense . No more line of defense up to the midfield, but a compact and short team, which hardly builds from the bottom and that does not disdain the long raise. A group that is trying to rediscover it hard to face, that in the second half against Udinese after the goal of Dzeko has suffered only a conclusion towards the door mirror, of 4 totals during the meeting. In the last three games, just after the defeat with Napoli Roma has undergone only 11 shots within the mirror and of these not even half ( 5 ) from inside the penalty area. A defensive solidity, therefore, that seems to be rediscovered, helped by a coach who makes impenetrability a dogma and by a goalkeeper who seems to have restored serenity to the department. Now, however, there is the graduation exam to be passed: on Saturday at San Siro there is Inter and there it will be measured if the defense of Rome has really become from Champions League .

Alessandro Tagliaboschi

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