Giallorossi ready to armor the midfielder –

The former Sassuolo has a 30 million clause that leaves no peace in Trigoria. Massara da Pallotta also to talk about his future

The Rome and Lorenzo Pellegrini are working to extend the contract currently expiring in 2022. Between the items on the agenda that Massara will present to Pallotta at the Boston summit, there is also what concerns the future of the midfielder. The 30 million clause payable in two installments puts the former Sassuolo in Trigoria at serious risk. This is why we continue to work to avoid insult.

FUTURE – Pellegrini in Rome has his whole life. He has a house in Casal Palocco with his wife Veronica, who is expecting their first child. A transfer is not what Lorenzo expects, at least at short range. As a child he went to the South with his father and his dream is to become captain of Rome . The mission of his agent Giampiero Pocetta (who also takes care of the events of Defrel) is to snatch the best contract allowing him to stay at home. And the company side is the will to hold it back. As a pupil of Di Francesco he became a staple of the midfield. And also Ranieri publicly praised it ( "with him there is another quality" ). In the locker room he agrees with everyone and Trigoria is a positive figure. In short, no reason presumes an early farewell.

ACCORDO – The first meetings between agent and company ended with a 'goodbye'. Work continues but the deadline is approaching. At the moment Pellegrini earns about 2 million euros, but he would like to get 3 with the bonuses. Inter would have no problem paying the clause, with Marotta following him already from the times of Juventus . And even in Premier Pellegrini has several admirers. The time to put the situation in line is still there, but the goal is to find an agreement as soon as possible, so as to then concentrate on the cases of Manolas and Zaniolo, two more of which from here to June we will talk so much.

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