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IL MESSAGGERO (A. ANGELONI) – Perhaps not even Edin imagined he had certain qualities: not so much those of bomber, very appreciable in any league that saw him as a protagonist, but those of leader. Leader, a word that is gradually disappearing in Rome . Those with this natural role are now no longer supported by physical credibility, daughter of a thousand battles at the highest levels and, precisely, . On Daniele, at least for another year, you can count on Edin, apparently, no. Costs too much. It's true. But what it costs is not free. The problem is age, they say. Thirty-three years, not a few, but not too many, especially if there are still large clubs around that think of him for the immediate future. Seeing it with the shirt of for example, would not be the best. this year gave little in the aspect of goals: 8 in the league and five in . Few if we think of someone like him, many if we relate them to those who, not only in Rome, have been overpaid and are awaited as Godot.

INNAMORATI PAZZI – What gives is in the eyes of the coaches, who never gave up on him, except who had chosen to play for only a few months with the false nine. is simply a thick player and Rome needs it, even now that he is thirty-three. And maybe he would need it again next year. One like him is difficult to replace, we repeat, not for the number of networks but for what he represents within the group. For example, Belotti maybe he will score more, but he doesn't have that charisma, that internationality. Who has it, it costs a lot. Exactly. This year Edin showed the worst of himself from a characteristic point of view: Oporto's drama (simulation) for the untested Pepe is not acceptable, the head lifts of and of Ferrara, the latter culminating with the quarrel in the locker room with which by the way is his favorite attack partner. Legend has it that on his left, Edin wants Stephan and a few others. All disqualifying episodes, but functional to the role that has carved itself out over time inside the locker room. From too good to arrogant. Here, maybe a middle ground … And anyway they say, has never scored so much. No, only 85 goals with Wolfsburg, only 72 with Manchester City and so far only 86 goals for Roma. Not to mention the networks, 55, scored with his national team. A Rome have been loved by more strikers who have scored less (Voeller, Rizzitelli, to name two great idols of the curve), and this is understandable, because falling in love does not depend on the number of goals. But to believe that is to be thrown away, maybe not. It would be good to think about it calmly.

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