SPAL-Rome, tactical analysis: the goal arrives with the defense lined up, Dzeko and Schick do not dialogue

SPAL ROMA TACTICAL ANALYSIS – Unlit, with predictable and scholastic ideas: unattached, reactive only for institutional duty in the rare moments in which he succeeds in taking the field, accepting the inertia of the race, and with a Rocchi always questionable when it crosses the Giallorossi colors. The Rome goes to play at the home of those who do not win a home game for 6 months, a context that is always extremely delicate, especially when you do little to prevent the race from becoming episodic. Rocchi waving cards at random, assigns a penalty for knockdown of Dzeko blatantly forgetting to expel Cionek and assigns an incredible one to Spal for an insignificant and correct contrast between Petagna and Jesus. And also the first defeat of the Ranieri management, after just two races, is already served.

MODULES AND GAME DEVELOPMENTS – The 3-5-2 of Semplici sees in front of the 3 central a midfield at 5 with the return of Lazzari fifth on the right, while on the opposite side is Fares to widen the field, with the directed direction of Missiroli , which is also the only solution to have a tactical player on defense in front of the line, backed by Murgia and the leftist Kurtic ; front Petagna and Antenucci very close and looking for the 2 against 2 with the central opponents. On the Giallorossi front even today the 4-2-3-1 of Difranceschiana memory becomes a 4-4-2 at Ranieri where a defensive line peeps out at the 3rd half (in turn of spallettiana memory) with Jesus blocked on the left and Karsdorp with a license to push in a defense not fast in the two power plants Fazio and Marcano, but protected by the defensive attitude of the team. In between Cristante and Nzonzi who try to dictate game times that exist little, while Schick and Dzeko prove offensive coexistence, guiltily ignoring themselves in too many moments of competition.

ROME HOLDS BARICENTRO LOW AND LEAVES INITIATIVE, THE SPAL WILL TAKE IT – For philosophy, the Giallorossi choose a low center of gravity, which inevitably leads to an attitude of expectation through which the Spal soon assumes the initiative, with a Bulgarian percentage that will reach 70% at the end of the first half. For 45 minutes the Rome accepts the inertia of the race, fakely awaiting the propitious situations that must be sought and induced with very different attitudes; the body language of the players denotes loss and lack of conviction in too many moments. Beyond a search for a compact defensive phase in the wards, with Dzeko and Schick which focus on the transit lines for Missiroli the Giallorossi defend more than position, trusting in the offensive inadequacy of the opponent, who is not allowed depth to attack Fazio and Marcano from behind. The Spal produces territorial supremacy and possession, but the risks for Rome are limited, with the possibility on the advanced front to manage some restarts where only the final choices frustrate the situation. In more than one situation one of the major criticalities of the first half is manifested, with Dzeko and Schick not phrasing, they are not looking for combinations ignoring each other inexplicably; if Kluivert on the right needs outside spaces, El Shaarawy on the left comes a lot inside the camp. If Jesus does not push, there is no amplitude on the left and Dzeko must always think about attacking those spaces on the center-left so as not to tighten the offensive spaces and facilitate the Este defensive phase. As always against a 3-5-2 it becomes important to attack spaces behind the fifths, but the low dribble that could trigger this fundamental is conditioned by the new philosophy that abjurates the exit with the ball on the ground from behind. The Spal does not exploit much the two arms (central of c / dx and c / sin) that do not enter the field during dribbling to allow numerical superiority, and with Kurtic mezzala on the left and Lazzari fifth of right (where too often Jesus is abandoned by El Shaarawy on the defensive stage, leaving a very dangerous 1 on 1) Roma must be wary of tears and insertions of these two adversaries.

THINK ABOUT THE STALL, BUT ROME HAS INUSURABLE AUTOLESIONAL RESOURCES – But this year's Rome has a wide range of repeated tactical suicides both in the department and in the individual, and when Karsdorp is overlooked by Fares lacking a diagonal and taking a correct position, the only way for the men of Semplici to find the way of the goal is served. The absurd goal, in defense, says a lot about how at Spal it is enough to put determination in the duels to break up the few moments of territorial supremacy and possession, and take advantage of the Giallorossi amnesia to create the conditions for dangers. Low center of gravity, initiative left to the opponents, defense of passive position: Roma takes goals and still does not react. The first half ended with the result favorable to the team that did not make any calculations and wanted to take what the opponent left him.

RECOVERY WITH EXCHANGE OF THE EXTERNAL POINTS THAT CARRY LIFE, THE EQUAL, BUT THEN THOUGH THINK ROCKS – We start with more lively and purposeful midfield outsiders, with Zaniolo and Perotti bringing more offensive quality that immediately coincides with reaching peers, with an aggressive attitude that starts from the back, where Fazio comes out aggressive going to take very high Antenucci . Now even the Spal could go into trouble, lowering and with the two strikers going on the Giallorossi's midfielders in setup, but the Giallorossi maneuver returns inexplicably slow, with little quality, and still unrelated and not very continuous. Rocchi breaks out again on the scene and "signs" the new Este advantage; Rome no longer reasons, it systematically slams on the wall when it takes the field, but risks in the spaces because Spal no longer closes, leaving spaces to Viviano to exploit. For the Giallorossi it is impossible to do so on the opponent's malfunctions. Some crosses depart from the external lanes, but with 3 power stations the Spal has no problems managing the occupation and filling of the area, and with Regini for Lazzari (Fares goes to the right), and with Schiattarella for Kurtic even those who had spent a lot are just replaced in time to give continuity to the game. Santon for Karsdorp is the third, insignificant at that point, change for the Giallorossi in a race where at 10 minutes from the end remains only to consume the punctual impossible miracle of Viviano when he faces the Rome, which punctually materializes

Maurizio Rafaiani

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