Spal-Roma, the slow motion: Rocchi decided on the two penalties. Cionek risks

Elegant and task Rocchi even when trying to calm Dzeko in the final of the first half and then hands him the yellow card because he just can't do it in other ways. Despite the good disposition of spirit the game bursts in his hands in the second part. Beyond any reasonable doubt, the rigor for Rome exists and indeed the entry of Cionek on Dzeko (the Spal protests above all for a very previous phallus of the Bosnian) was not far from deserving the red, declassified to yellow because, it assesses the "Referee, the attacker was not yet in full possession of the ball.

The Var studies instead for a long time the contact between Juan Jesus and Petagna that yields the penalty of the new advantage to Spal. Without pushing Rocchi to think again. Complex evaluation, Jesus probably bet too much. Very clean and even easy to jump Fares over Karsdorp for the first goal of the Ferrara team. The fans scream, but Fazio closes head on in his area.

Spal beats Roma 2-1

Ranieri: "I expected more from Schick and Dzeko"

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