News of the day. Against the SPAL ok, Zaniolo, out Kolarov. Petrachi leaves, contacts for Tagliafico

NEWS DELLA GIORNATA – All the news of the yellow and red day collected for you in an article: happy reading!

TRIGORIA ZANIOLO SPAL Rome continues the preparation for the championship match against Spal scheduled for tomorrow at 6pm. Today's morning session includes a heating and the classic bull calf before the tactical part. Good news for Claudio Ranieri coming from Zaniolo who is training in a group and is aiming a starting jersey for tomorrow night's race. Individual work in the field for Kolarov Pastor and Under . Only therapies, instead, for Manolas Pellegrini and De Rossi .

SPAL ROMA RANIERI CONVOCATI – The Giallorossi coach has released the list of the summoned for Spal Rome scheduled for Saturday at 18.00. The team of Ranieri will take the field at the Paolo Mazza hunting for 3 more points to reach fourth place. To do so, however, the Giallorossi will have to do without Florenzi and Kolarov respectively suspended and injured. Click HERE for the complete list of those called up.

SPAL ROMA SIMPLE CONFERENCE – Leonardo Semplici technician of Spal spoke at the press conference on the eve of the match against Rome . These are some of his words: "More worried by our time or by Rome? Surely by the Giallorossi, they are strong and have excellent absolute values. They too have gone through a particular moment with the change of coach and there will be a mental reaction. We have to play a game of great intensity for all 90 ', not like at the San Siro where we were in the game only for 60'. Lazzari? It is not at the top after injuries, but it is available. For us he is an important player, we saw his contribution when he is well: we will see how we can use it. Giallorossi with two real points? They also have outsiders who are other attackers, they will want to make the match by history, blazon and ranking. It will be up to us to contrast them with desire, intensity and continuity, without making the mistakes that usually compromise the result. They have above average qualities and if you leave them space and time to play they put you in difficulty, they are a great team. The victory of the first leg? An extraordinary success under the historical aspect, but in the first half hour we risked taking the goal. Then we went ahead and limited them with care and determination despite the man less. "

MONCHI SIVIGLIA Arsenal seemed to be the most likely destination for the future of [19659012] Monchi but now a new suitor appears for him: even Seville, his former team, would have contacted him before being eliminated from Europa League to propose him to return to Spain. Confirmations come precisely from the president of the Spanish club, Pepe Castro, who spoke at the press conference. These are his words: "From today, Caparros is no longer a sports director. Our option for the role is to take the best and the best is Monchi. We have already dealt with him and we have great feelings. We need a sporting director for you (turning to Caparros) and soon we will have news from Monchi. The conversations with Monchi were very positive. "

MARCANO – Ivan Marcano defender of Rome spoke on Sky Sport microphones on the eve of the match with the Spal . These are some of his words: "Every coach has their own preferences, I don't want to reveal too much. There are differences. We came from a period in which we received several goals, the priority was to give security to the defense. Everyone has their own team and individual goals, I played less than I wanted. The first thing is to try to do self-criticism, but my goal is to stay and do better. "

CALCIOMERCATO – Urban Cairo president of Turin ha talked about the market items that have recently matched the ds Petrachi and the defender Izzo at Rome . These are his words: "Petrachi to Rome? I never sold a sports director. I don't think he can leave, he has a one-year contract with us. Even Izzo towards Rome? We don't talk about it, it's absolutely from Toro ".
The young Giallorossi Nicolò Zaniolo has become in a very short time one of the most coveted talents in Europe. Even the Real Madrid seems to have set eyes on it: some emissaries of the madridista club would have been present at the Olympic Stadium on the occasion of the match Rome Porto just for observe Nicolò. There would also have already been a survey in January, immediately rejected by the now former DS Giallorossi Monchi but probably the blancos will return in the summer to knock on the door of Rome for Zaniolo .
"There have been contacts with various teams, in Italy Rome has moved. But up until today no official proposal has arrived: I spoke about it just a few days ago with Nicolas ", these are the words of Nicolas's agent Tagliafico defender of Ajax. " Rome's only Serie A club? Yes, that's it. There has been interest, but it has never gone beyond that. "
Rome is looking for a defender. The Giallorossi are interested in Julian Chabot central defender, class 1998. Many European teams, including Atalanta asked about the young man of Groningen . The Capitoline club after a season with lots of passive goals, is looking for a new defense profile that is young and talented, and the German fully reflects the identikit.

DE ROSSI – Daniele's future De Rossi could be in Premier League . The Manchester City would have presented an offer to the captain of Rome to enter the Academy of the English club and start working with young people. The Giallorossi midfielder is seriously considering stopping playing due to the numerous physical problems this season, and an experience abroad would be welcomed.

FEEL ABOUT – On [19659028] main Roman radio frequencies the main theme is the match against tomorrow's SPAL. Giancarlo Dotto at Tele Radio Stereo states: "With the Roma going into the field against Spal there is really a tremor. Without Manolas, De Rossi and Kolarov I am not calm, not even in Ferrara. For tomorrow there is only one slogan: an eye to Petagna. Zaniolo? He is experiencing a moment of fogging, we hope it is due only to an excessive squeezing ". This, instead, is the thought of Max Leggeri at Centro Suono Sport: “Fundamental game with Spal, because if you lose points, the Champions train could move away again. I perceive a somewhat resigned environment, because a year ago these days we were waiting for Barcelona and daydreaming in the Champions League. The return of Ranieri has certainly shook and catalyzed the attention of the Romanist fans: his ‘bread and omelette’ football, which romantically recalls ancient values, could allow Rome to hit the fourth position in the ranking. Future? If a top manager does not arrive, rather than trying yet another experiment at Sarri, I would confirm Ranieri also for next season … ".

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