News of the day. Ranieri: "Fazio is a 90" piece, the SPAL goes away for Kolarov. Sarri first choice for the bench

NEWS OF THE DAY – All the news of the yellow and red day gathered for you in an article: good reading!

TRAINING ROME – Rome has resumed training for Spal immediately after the press conference of mister Ranieri . Under the orders of the technician, between athletic and tactical work, all present except Kolarov Shepherd Perotti and Under for them still exercises individuals in the field to try to recover from the various annoyances. Zaniolo split between personalized and part of the session with the group. Therapy for Pellegrini, De Rossi and Manolas. Therefore, the call for the Spal of Kolarov is moving away, while Zaniolo could recover and be available at least to go to the bench. On the left possible use of Santon but it could be a solution on the left-handed out Juan Jesus with Marcano which would form the central pair with Fazio .

SPAL ROMA RANIERI – The Giallorossi coach Claudio Ranieri spoke today at 10.30 at a press conference in preparation for Spal-Roma . The romanista technician introduces the championship race scheduled for Saturday at 6 pm and answers questions from journalists at the conference room of Trigoria . Here are some of his words: “Fazio is a 90 piece for me, there is a part of the championship that has no moments, the players are not machines. He is an important and intelligent player, he knows how to read the action well, I am convinced that he can do well with me. He should be fine, he trained yesterday and today he trains. Under I see him in the locker room. The important thing is that he continues his recovery protocol and does not go to the national team, which is very positive. I hope to have it ready again after the break ".

LAZZARI SPAL ROMA – After a not very fortunate period, Lazzari returns to Semplici for Saturday's match against Roma. The exterior at "La Nuova Ferrara" spoke of the race, here are some of his words: "We are still in the salvation zone and we want to keep this position. We lack victory, especially at the "Mazza". Saturday with Rome we will do our best. The dose of concern is the one that has always been there. If we play as we know, with aggressiveness and rhythm, we can put anyone in difficulty, including the great ones, except Juve who makes a separate championship. "

SPAL ROMA GUEST SECTOR CURVE EST – The heat of the fans will not fail to Ferrara, to continue the ride to the last place Champions available for Rome : fourth place. At ' Mazza ' the sector was sold out in a few days (1500 places) and for this reason it was decided to open the adjacent sector East to the Romanists too to the guest one.

EL SHAARAWY INTERVIEW – Stephan El Shaarawy is without doubt one of the best Giallorossi footballers of this season. Arrived, thanks to the feat against Empoli with 9 goals in the championship, he is the protagonist of the Roma TV match preview. Here are some of his words: 9 goals are a goal important, at the beginning of the season I had said that I wanted to arrive in double figures, but the main thing for me is the continuity in performance which is what I missed so much and I'm happy. I played more and have a greater physical condition now. But there are still two months to go and we need to stay focused and try to do the best for myself and for the team. "

ROMA SARRI – The number one profile for the future of the Roma bench is that of Maurizio Sarri . As reported by, in fact, the parties would already have had contacts for the next season. The Chelsea however would be reluctant to let him go, especially if he arrives in the first four in the Premier League, also because the market block that will prevent the Blues from buying new players will make their bench less attractive. There is also a timid survey by Juventus .

CALCIOMERCATO – June 30 is approaching and Hector Herrera midfielder of Porto is getting closer to the expiration of his contract and, therefore, freeing himself from his club on a free transfer. Scenario to which, however, does not seem to want to get the president of the Portuguese society Da Costa who expressed himself on the issue to the newspaper A Bola: “It will depend on the will of both the company and the boy. We will do everything to keep Hector, but at the moment we can't say anything else ". Also because the Mexican likes a lot of team: "There are news that are put out with precise intentions. We know everything and we will try to defend ourselves from this ". Su Herrera had moved Atletico Madrid with Rome Inter and Arsenal in the queue.
The renewal of the contract signed a month ago, from 2020 to 2022, does not subdue the entries around Ilicic . According to Il Giornale, Roma after having tried in the January market will try in the summer hoping to convince Atalanta.

TOTTI MASSARA – The new Rome which is starting to take shape, will certainly pass by figures that are already well rooted in Trigoria: Totti and Massara. Next year Rome will speak even more of Rome: Fienga in addition to dismissing physiotherapists, has also promoted Massara in the role of sports director and Totti i n a more important role. The former captain will have a say in every movement of the technical structure and will work closely with the director

CONTI CONTRACT – Rome and Bruno Conti still together for a long time: at the end of the season the company will come forward to propose the renewal of its contract. Conti three years ago left the position of head of the youth sector to take care of the academies of Rome around the world.

FEEL WHO SPEAKS – on the main Roman radio frequencies the most discussed topic is that of the coach who will succeed Ranieri. These are the words of Checco Oddo Casano at Centro Suono Sport : “Sarri is a trainer who performed a miracle in Naples, valuing different players and producing a level kick, but in the end he didn't win anything like it will probably happen to him in London with Chelsea, he does not convince me as I am not convinced by the hypothesis of Ranieri's permanence, to which we are all emotionally connected, but we have already tested the merits and defects of his long-term management. Rome has a golden opportunity, which is unlikely to happen again, that of trying to bring Antonio Conte, who is free and should be convinced, to the capital with real money and an important long-term project. Because if Napoli has taken Ancelotti, can't Rome take Conte? These are the words of Antonio Felici at Centro Suono Sport : "I like Sarri but I don't think it is suitable for today's Rome: we talk a lot about the project because in reality there is no project. To someone like him you have to give him at least a couple of years and buy the right players, which is not possible here. Rome must first understand what it wants to do in the near future: if you want to annoy the very first there is no history. You go to Conte, buying great players. If the goal is rather vivacchiare then the names are many. "

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