LIGHT: "Sarri is not enough, we need a change of philosophy", VOCALELLI: "In the relaunch of Schick commercial component"

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Checco Oddo Casano at Centro Suono Sport : “Sarri is a trainer who performed a half miracle in Naples, valuing different players and producing a level kick, but in the end he won nothing like probably it will also happen to him in London with Chelsea, I am not convinced as I am not convinced by the hypothesis of Ranieri's permanence, to which we are all emotionally connected, but we have already tested the merits and defects of his long-term management. Rome has a golden opportunity, which is unlikely to happen again, that of trying to bring Antonio Conte, who is free and should be convinced, to the capital with real money and an important long-term project. Why, if Napoli has taken Ancelotti, can't Rome take Conte? It is impossible that in the next few years people like Guardiola, Klopp or Mourinho should come here, if you do not take Conte today you will lose a train that will never happen again. I hope that in Trigoria and in Boston they understood that a manager like this is needed, enough with the heated experiments and soups or the exotic choices suggested by the London philosopher … ".

Max Leggeri at Centro Suono Sport :" Fans of Rome should make a nice demonstration class action to ask the company for moral damages: we are out of everything already in March, but what about … we talk until June? Last year these days we were all kidnapped by the Champions dream, we lived days full of enthusiasm for a team that thrilled everyone, today we sadly live the wait for a Spal-Roma that is worth this long-running race in fourth place. Sarri is the name in pole position for next season, if he is obviously exempt from Chelsea. He is a good coach, who has been closer to Juventus with Napoli, but I am not convinced that only a coach is needed to win. This company must change philosophy, if it continues to sell the best, even with Guardiola you will be able to win nothing. If we were to go on like this then I would gladly keep Claudio Ranieri … we need a policy that is not that of the current downsizing, we need strong choices on the market, retain the best and buy important players "

Franco Melli on Radio Radio Afternoon : "I expect the second victory and that Roma keep ' suerte ' and I do not exclude the victory on a penalty kick. This idea of ​​trying Schick and Dzeko has passed six months no one had succeeded, I heard so many experts who said that one excluded the other. "

Alessandro Vocalelli on Radio Radio Afternoon :" Ranieri is a good coach, but Di Francesco is not that he had become incompetent. Ranieri will try to make a more careful, prudent, covered kick, leaning towards the concrete rather than experimenting and I expect a more covered Rome, given that the players are those. We know the strengths and weaknesses of Fazio, it is not that the players change according to the coaches. In the relaunch of Schick I believe there is also a commercial component: that gives more guarantees than El Shaarawy next to Dzeko I have yet to see ".

Guido D'Ubaldo on Radio Radio Afternoon :" I expect a coach who try to do small, simple, simple tactical ideas for your players. The 4-4-2 is the easiest form to transfer, which can also be interpreted as a 4-2-4 because it will have two very offensive external midfielders. He has the idea of ​​having a great offensive potential to exploit to the maximum and try to always make one goal more than those collected, with a defense that remains very fragile. Fazio will be the defense leader awaiting the return of Manolas ".

Luigi Ferrajolo on Radio Radio Afternoon :" The fact of putting Dzeko and Schick is the least awaited novelty. From Ranieri, knowing also his soccer, we expect that Roma takes less goals: the team's problem is not scoring, but trying not to take them. It will make a line much less high than the one we had with Di Francesco, however, this is not the only problem. It is a question of giving a midfield that defends better and raise the performance level of some defender who has disappointed compared to last year. I would be happy if he gave us a Roma that takes fewer goals and had more strength in the contrasts, application of the game and attention. All things that have been lacking in recent times for Di Francesco's team ".

Francesco Balzani at Centro Suono Sport :" Sarri possible? If Chelsea sends him away yes but I think he won't do it if he were to qualify in the Champions League, since he has the market blocked. To me the former Napoli coach does not like the piazza in Rome: I believe that here we need a coach who can win the teams rather than play well ".

Antonio Felici at Centro Suono Sport : "I like Sarri but I do not think it is suitable for today's Rome: we talk a lot about the project because in reality there is no project. To someone like him you have to give him at least a couple of years and buy the right players, which is not possible here. Rome must first understand what it wants to do in the near future: if you want to annoy the very first there is no history. You go to Conte, buying great players. If the goal is instead vivacchiare then the names are many ".

Jacopo Volpi at Centro Suono Sport :" The Coppa Italia match was the real tragedy of this season, the ugliest sign. Take seven goals does not exist, you can go out losing 2 / 3-1, but getting out as Rome did not. There is a lot of talk about Sarri at Rome, especially when it's talked about with Chelsea. Gasperini? I don't know how much he is willing to leave Bergamo, he is fine there and he also has a good contract. As sports director I would hold Massara, so much the company counts: if the company puts the money, take the samples, otherwise not. At this point I keep Massara, who knows football, is a good boy and knows languages. The Rome will grow the day when, found some valid players will manage to keep them. In my opinion the Milanese will grow next year, also because it seems the UEFA is studying a change to financial fair play. Milan are leading from a fairly important fund, Inter also has a very important and rich Chinese group. Stadium? I don't believe it until I see the first stone. "

Riccardo‘ Galopeira ’Angelini at Tele Radio Stereo: Ranieri was what he needed right now. It has brought serenity and is putting everyone in agreement. For the future of Massara it depends on the president's falling in love, if someone advises you I don't think he confirms the diesse ".

Alessandro Austini at Tele Radio Stereo: " Karsdorp must learn many things to play with Ranieri, at the moment I see it more from the midfield up than in the role of fullback. Dzeko will become fundamental with this module, because he will get many more playable balls. Pallotta must shed light on many things at managerial level. Sabatini would never come for the problems he had with Pallotta, but above all for the figure of Baldini still too close to the president. "

Franco Melli on Radio Radio: " Ranieri in Ferrara makes a nice soup, wins on penalty 1 -0.

Roberto Renga at Radio Radio: “Playing with two wings like Kluivert and El Shaarawy seems excessive to me. Rome has only one result: winning ".

Roberto Pruzzo at Radio Radio: " Ranieri's 4-4-2 is fine, Claudio has no time to lose. Schick and Dzeko together can work. "

Daniele Lo Monaco at Tele Radio Stereo: " Right now we don't know who the sports director will be next year, he could be Massara but at the moment there are no new programs scenarios. The conference is held today because Ranieri wants to be quieter the day before the game, but in my opinion it is a wrong thing. For Saturday it will be 4-4-2 classic with Dzeko and Schick tips ".

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