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The question and answer continues between Lazio and Virginia Raggi with declarations. At the center of the 'contention' the future stadium owned by the biancocelesti which the club says has already been presented for years in the form of a project and the mayor who denies it. The spokesperson of Lazio Arturo Diaconale replied through an official statement:

1) the President Claudio Lotito presented and deposited the project of the localized Eagles stadium on the Tiberina in 2005 and intends to propose it again in the conviction that realization of the biancoceleste stadium must proceed hand in hand with that of the Roma ;

2) no offer concerning the use of the Flaminio stadium has never been received and could never be accepted, as already repeated repeatedly by the President Lotito (the last declaration in this sense dates back to 25 February 2017) having regard to impossibility due to a series of constraints and unsurpassed logistical and security reasons, to transform the structure designed by Nervi as a modern and functional football stadium or professional of national and international level. It is no coincidence that the Flaminio has been abandoned for a very long time and all attempts to assign it to any use have failed miserably:

3) the S.S. Lazio, having learned of the biancoceleste passion of the son of the mayor Raggi, has repeatedly offered to the maximum representative of the Campidoglio a jersey of the boy's favorite . Initially the proposal was dropped for reasons of opportunity that the mayor herself illustrated in the radio interview. Subsequently the proposal was accepted with the condition to hold an informal meeting in Formello without the presence of the press . For this purpose the date of the meeting was not made public by the S.S. Lazio. Just as the cancellation was not disclosed at the last moment of the meeting by the mayor. Thus, a new date was established, which was preceded by the official participation and with a large presence of the mayor's media at a demonstration called by A.S. Rome event that has imposed on the S.S. Lazio for a clear reason of par condicio and not to give the biancocelesti fans the feeling of being children of a lesser God in the eyes of the Campidoglio, of canceling the informal meeting and postponing to a moment official the visit to Formello of Virginia Raggi

4) the President Claudio Lotito has always maintained with the public and city institutions a relationship of maximum loyalty and respect. He intends to remain absolutely faithful to this behavior. So much so that he has already announced the intention to invite mayor Raggi to the next inauguration of the renovation of the Formello Sports Center, where he will relaunch the project of the stadium of the Eagles and will announce other promotion initiatives of the image of the first football club in the capital. Loyalty and respect, however, must be maintained in a framework of reciprocity marked by the confirmation of the institutional third party of the Campidoglio ".

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