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THE TIME – Less accidents, less police forces employed and more spectators in Serie A . And the budget drawn up by the department of Public security of the National Observatory on sports events after the first round of the professional championships 2018/2019 . In particular, the participation of the public (from 24,500 to 25,200 average per race) increases, with the elimination of accidents at the stadium and in the immediate vicinity. On the other hand, the situation on the so-called transport routes is more worrying. Even the dramatic events of Inter-Naples for example, have taken place far from Meazza . In particular, meetings with injured people have decreased from 30 to 15, injured civilians from 23 to 19 and those between law enforcement agencies from 24 to 15. The arrested persons (from 25 to 18) and those reported (from 431 to 299). On the other hand, the wounded among the stewards grew: from 3 to 5. In absolute numbers the employment of law enforcement agencies is down by 5% with 4,444 units less (from 85.388 to 80.994). The average employment in 893 races is stable (from 92 to 90 units per game). Going into detail, in Serie A the budget is 207 units used for the race instead of 211, in B they have risen to 117 (compared to the 106 of mid-season a year ago), with an increase of 10%

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