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The owner of Sampdoria, the Roman businessman Massimo Ferrero offers himself for the rebirth of the stadium Flaminio . «It is a scandal – tells the microphones of Rmc -, they do not receive me and do not answer me on the phone. I opened the Sampdoria Academy in Rome. We give these guys a home. I do not ask for it to be given to me, but we want to make a home for the boys for sport ". Ferrero then turns directly to the mayor of the capital. «I make an appeal to Virginia Rays – he says -: do you want to receive us, do you want to give us the Flaminio, will we put it back and it will be something that will be remembered? It will be a city of sport. It serves to aggregate the boys ". (…) [19659002] (Gasport) [19659003]

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