De Rossi vs Herrera, from possible companions to sure rivals

ROMA PORTO, FACCIA A FACCIA – La Rome is there, or so it seems. The three points against Chievo but above all the clean sheet of a defense that was not for the majority, starting from the goalkeeper, bode well that there could be a revival of the entire group. The draw against Milan had given the right charge to this team, which had wrong little or almost nothing, except on the action that led to the Rossoneri goal. Rome returns to Champions it will do so on Tuesday, February 12th at 9 pm against Porto . At the Olympic Stadium the boys of Di Francesco will try to follow the same path as last year, the one that led them to amaze everyone in the European competition. However, it will be enough for the Giallorossi fans to know that the team that will take the field will be determined and that it will do so with the desire to show everyone that it is back.

DE ROSSI – Not only was Rome returned, so was his captain. Daniele De Rossi after a start of the season surrounded by splendid performances, and not a little for a 35 year old, he had to stop after the eighth league match due to a knee cartilage problem that made him suffer and not a little. The number 16 Giallorossi also confessed that, during the period of convalescence, would have thought to stop playing football but fortunately it was not. This Roma still needs his midfielder and De Rossi still needs Roma. It often does not happen that a team is completely dependent on the performance of one of his players to the end of his career, but every time he went on the pitch without his captain he showed obvious difficulties. It must be said that the absence of De Rossi has partly benefited Cristante who had to replace the '83 class in midfield. The former Atalanta after an uncertain start has drawn excellent performances also surrounded by several goals and assists. On the penultimate day of the championship, against Milan at the Olimpico, due to the double warning of Nzonzi and Cristante, Daniele De Rossi managed to return to the field, playing for the whole game . Perhaps the more than positive performance against the men of Gattuso is also due to this. Against Chievo entered the final minutes to find the continuity that will be used by DDR in order to finally return a very titular. The challenge in the Champions League awaits him, to confirm it.

HERRERA – Hector Herrera is a name now known in these parts. The Mexican midfielder has for months been the dream of Monchi and of Rome whole, since the farewell of Strootman to the dribbles of the summer transfer market. The 28-year-old is expiring a contract with Porto and would not want to renew, a situation that literally throats all the teams interested in the player. The '90 class continues to be in the radar of the Giallorossi but what blocks momentarily the negotiation is the request for engagement too high by his prosecutor. Despite this, however, before being a potential team-mate, in the Champions League he will be the opponent of the Giallorossi . The Mexican is a man to fear and he is the one who is running the Portuguese team so well. The Porto is first in the standings, already last year had won the title of Portugal, and is still in the running for other competitions. Herrera is practically the owner of this team, the essential player. In Liga NOS has collected 21 appearances out of 21 games playing in all the races 90 minutes if not on rare occasions. He found the goal twice, one scored on the fourth day and one on the twenty-first. Also in Champions League the Mexican gave a significant contribution, putting his name on the scorer's table twice and providing an assist. His signature is also in a race of Taça de Portugal their national Cup. The Rome will have to be careful of the incursions and the offensive of Herrera, trying to stop every initiative in the bud. The figure of De Rossi will be essential to block the thinking brain of the team of Conçeicao and maybe make him understand that races so it is better to play with the yellow-red tunic.

Claudia Belli

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