Stadium, Rome aims 2022

ROME – You can not see anything on the horizon, if not the carcass of the old racecourse of Tor di Valle but at least there is an agenda on which to set new goals: the stadium in three years. Done, ready to be inaugurated and to host games. Unable to write it on a sheet now, given the huge delays in the forecasts made since the beginning of the process, but it is a small dream that Mauro Baldissoni and his staff have not stopped believing achievable.

SPEED – The day after the conference – spot of the mayor Raggi in Campidoglio, which in operational terms generated a new hashtag (The stadium is done) and little more, Baldissoni attended a meeting on women's football at the headquarters of the Sport Credit going back to the hot topic : «We are all right if the mayor is politically exposed. Now there are few technical passages for the urban planning convention and for the variant. A few weeks ".

TIMING – Let's go deeper then: the urban convention is the contract that sign public and private part, in this case the proponents of the project and the Campidoglio, in which rights and duties are written in detail. Some non-secondary things must be clarified: for example, the financial coverage of the public works surplus requested by the Turin Polytechnic, which sent a very clear report to the junta. No Trajan's bridge, plus transport on iron. Well, Rome-Lido and Metro B are not exactly an example of efficiency and modernity. If it is true that the Region, as announced by Raggi, has already allocated 180 million and if it is true that the municipality will finance another part of the work, it is not clear how much it will really cost the restructuring of the railway lines. The variant on the regulating floor, on the other hand, is a simple formal passage that the Capitoline assembly will not struggle to ratify. Once passed the two steps to the City, the package passes back to the Region for final approval. From that moment the European calls for tenders for the construction can be issued.

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