RN Web Radio, Marota: "De Rossi's maturity is missing at Roma, I believe in the Vida operation"

MAROTA ROMANEWS WEB RADIO – The journalist of Corriere dello Sport, Giorgio Marota spoke at the microphones of Web Radio by Romanews.eu to talk about the most interesting topics at home Roma : from the Italian Cup quarter-finals match against Fiorentina to the transfer market.

FIORENTINA-ROMA – "An open match, Fiorentina is fine and among other things, Muriel is unpredictable. Rome is indecipherable, must understand the real value it has and can express. In Bergamo we have seen the eulogy of madness: in the first half the Giallorossi have used their weapons hitting Atalanta, in the second they have never pulled on goal and have not entered the Nerazzurri area. Fiorentina play at home and therefore not part beaten. Rome has a better quality, the ranking and the singles say it, and it can not go to Florence to contain it. It must be aggressive. "

TECHNICAL MANCANCES -" This year, Rome lives on high and low and is not a mature team. There is no profile of a player who can handle the game, a Pizarro midfielder. This is a profile that Rome is looking for in the market, I think of Tonali. In the second half with Atalanta, Roma lacked technical personality, there was not a player who could handle the ball and fall asleep. Some charismatic figures are missing from a technical point of view. This team is missing a median and a pure director, two key roles in a midfield. Nzonzi knows how to do something else, the only median is De Rossi. It was foreseen, however, that he could not play them all. "

COPPA ITALIA -" I expect an aggressive Roma because it must make the square understand that the Italian Cup is a concrete goal and does not happen for too long. The banner displayed in the Curva Sud against the Entella, 'Non snobbatela', is a strong message for the team and I believe they have received it. From what is filtering from Trigoria, the Italian Cup is a serious and concrete goal, it can be a way to repay the trust of an environment that in this season is seeing all the colors ".

CHIESA VS ZANIOLO – "They are the two best talents that our football can express. It is very good that they play continuously. In Italy there are many courageous coaches that make young people play, like Pioli and Di Francesco ".

DE ROSSI -" He is a player of experience and he has a lot of experience. One like him is very lacking in Rome: on the tactical level and on the attitude level. The unlucky season of De Rossi I think it should be photographed at a specific time of the season: when Pellegrini makes a goal at the derby and goes to make a not very nice gesture towards the fans. De Rossi immediately goes to block Pellegrini, De Rossi's maturity is missing at this moment in Rome. Because as we said is a team of young people. He is not just a leader but he is like a father to some players. His return is fundamental, already from the challenge with Milan. De Rossi Rome coach? In my opinion yes, it has it in the DNA. His father made him a school and then being a midfield has a vision of the game and the situations of football far superior to other champions who have passed in Rome. One like De Rossi would be very good in society. It was a suggestion, but perhaps more than that: there could be some sort of handover from father to son for the guidance of Spring. "

BARRIOS -" Barrios remembers Kante, would do very well to Rome. The idea is a bit 'away because the Boca Juniors must sell, but Rome does not want to spend so much in January. The player's value is around 20 million, he also has a clause, and Roma was working for a loan with a right of redemption in June. Boca wants to monetize immediately, the parties are very distant. Among other things, there is not only Rome, Zenit has also been involved ".

VIDA -" I believe more in the Vida operation, ready to be used for defense, it can be an idea more fascinating. It serves a defender and I think it will come, it is clear that something must be done, also to give a signal to the square ".


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