"We do not pretend to decide what to do in case of racist chants, but there is a regulation and must be respected" »LaRoma24.it – ​​All News, News, Insights Live on As Roma

"We have no pretension to decide what to do in case of racist choirs, there is a regulation that we believe has not been respected in Milan and that we want to be respected, as even higher bodies say." This was stated by the coach of Naples Carlo Ancelotti, in the press conference before the challenge to Sassuolo in Coppa Italia . «No one has ever said that we must suspend the game – he added – but it is foreseen that there is an interruption and temporary and we ask that in the eventuality, let's hope not, that these choruses are repeated "

" I repeat, it is not our problem but we feel involved in this campaign for the social and cultural improvement of our sport – added Ancelotti – Racism in Italy is not just linked to sport , but from here there is a problem that exists unfortunately, it is a cultural problem, I do not know if it is political, but it has been highlighted in Italy and in sport ".

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