The fan and the ban on dreaming

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Imagine having a future is the drunkenness of the poor. An honest way of believing what you are not. The history of the Romanist is an anthology of drunken lyrics. Almost never authorized. Indeed, they were delusions more than anything else. It was enough. Perceiving competitive with Juventus Milan and Inter only because after two days you were up there on equal terms with them, but then find themselves in a hurry to chew hard bread in the same canteen with Oronzo Pugliese and Francesco Scaratti. Absolute modesty coupled with mythological names, almost always Latin-American, a hybrid that broke every time between iron feet and sweet lives.

Then came episodic geniuses, someone in pairs, Dino Viola and Liedholm . A wonderful, very romantic sample of ringworm arrived, Franco Sensi . Rome found itself great, without anyone promising that it would become. The fans got drunk this time of things and spells that happened under their crumpled eyes, but without daring to imagine that all this would have a future. Then the other episodic genius materialized, Francesco Totti and the Romanist fans, you will have understood as few dreamers, made it a divinity, imagining that he would have been eternal. Then the Americans arrived. Nine years ago. And with them began the era of the "future". With them, Rome is always that of tomorrow. All inexorably declined to what will be, the greatness that will come, the titles that will win, the top players who will remain for life. For the past nine years, Romani fans have been floating schizophrenic between Rome and Rome. They have become really "poor" since systematically condemned to imagine a future, while under their eyes the reality, the present, they say more, that the titles are not won, that Juve remains the other planet, and that the best, all, sooner or later, they often go to reinforce the presumed rivals.

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