Stadium, Pallotta-Eurnova: fixed the price of the assets for the project

PALLOTTA EURNOVA STADIO – Continue the telenovela stadium of Tor di Valle but at this point, perhaps, you could almost glimpse a faint light at the end of the tunnel. After the myriad of problems, changes of direction and administrations, which have slowed up the realization of the sports facility to an unbelievable extent

PRICE – It would seem that Pallotta is now ready to take over asset of the company Eurnova first led by Luca Parnasi related to the stadium project and also including land ownership. The price that would have been set, according to Il Tempo, should be avoided between 90 and 110 million euros. Very soon there should be the signing of a pre-agreement, and then await final approval by the city council for the second and final signature.

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