Schick & Pastore the most discussed. 2019 may be the year of relaunch –

And who knows that in the end 2019 is not really their year, that of the most controversial purchases of the Monchi era: Javier Pastore and Patrik Schick . Purchases that when they arrived in Rome seemed like the classic icing on the cake and that they had made everyone dream a little and that today, they have completely rejected the forecasts.
Su Schick – Andrea Pugliese writes in "La Gazzetta dello Sport", it is most likely a problem above all of head, of trust of self-esteem. Or the ability to know how to cope with the pressure that a square like Rome inevitably puts on you. But trust is all here. In the sense that Schick is still young, he is 22 years old, and in his maturation process there is also growth from the point of view of personality and mental compactness. If the Czech striker were able to make this step, it is easy that everything can come naturally and what Schick does in training (and that is often recognized publicly by his teammates) can also be repeated in the game.
Then there it is Shepherd . The problem of El Flaco is not the head, because he has already lived and faced many games and problems. The problem of the Argentinean, at least as far as seen to date, is the condition athletic, the rhythm match, the habit to relate to a football that has greater intensity than that (French) to which it is He has been used to playing in the last seven seasons. Even here on technical qualities is not discussed, what he does Pastore with the ball at his feet probably nobody does in the Roma rose. So if even Javier manages to regain some rhythm and a little condition, Roma will have one more option.
Two very technical players, good and beautiful to see when they touch the ball. In short, two delicacies from the purely technical point of view. But both with little competitive malice, not a little nerve. And, perhaps, even with a personality deficit. In the sense that they need to feel important, at the center of the project, involved. And they need to experience the feeling of being decisive not only for them, but also for the team and for the companions.

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