Rome, happy Zaniolo goes to the signing

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ROME Nicolò Zaniolo wants to continue his growth in Rome and the renewal of the contract is the last of his thoughts. He is nineteen and has won space in the Giallorossi, fifteen appearances to his credit and a goal, very important against Sassuolo, the first goal among professionals. Monchi announced that his contract will soon be adjusted. Today that of Zaniolo is penultimate engagement in the first team squad. Only the third goalkeeper Fuzato earns less, with 500 thousand euros. Nicolò starts from a base of 250 thousand and exceeds Fuzato with bonuses for the presences in the first team.

NEW AGENT – His current contract expires in 2023, the boy has recently changed the attorney, passing in the stable of Claudio Vigorelli . Zaniolo and his family do not have any requests to make, Nicolò is very happy in Rome, regardless of the contract. Monchi believes that the young man deserves the adjustment for what he showed in this first part of the season. The contract could be renewed until 2024 starting from 1 July, with the promise of re-discussing a further adjustment in the future. From € 700 thousand today's total would go to a million and a half, including bonuses.

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