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IL MESSAGGERO (S. CARINA) – To say the least bizarre. On the one hand sixteen players already scored in the league, fourth attack of the tournament (34 networks) and best offensive department (24 centers) in home games (a goal every 34 minutes) of the series A. On the other Dzeko fixed at quota 2 . Yes, just Edin, the man of the 29 goals a couple of seasons ago, the center forward of the ride in the Champions League last year, the best scorer of all time of Bosnia (54 goals in 97 appearances), the striker capable of scoring the beauty of 307 times (187 in the championships, 21 in the national cups, 45 in the international cups and just 54 with the national team) in career. The injury that caused him to miss three league games (Inter, Cagliari and Genoa) can not be an alibi. And the 5 goals in 2 games in the Champions League are not enough. As soon as two centers in series A, they are always too few. One kicking right, the other left, both away ( Turin and Empoli ), far from the Olimpico. And then: 63 conclusions (4.2 per game) but only on 21 occasions has hit the mirror of the opposing goal, 2 goals in addition to 46 balls lost and just 5 recovered. Negative numbers. Yet Dzeko can not do without it

PART LA RINCORSA – We have seen Parma : with him the team plays better. It is clear that in the run-up to the fourth place can not be enough. His goals are needed. Voiced by Kolarov Cristante (4) and El Shaarawy (5), also surpassed by Fazio and Under (3): there is something to put in place. Edin, after having also recovered mentally thanks to this forced stop after a period of hyper-activity, is ready to do so. To hope Di Francesco in a ready redemption, there are the numbers of his career that tell of a striker who has (almost) always given the best of himself in the second part of the championship: 185 goals made in total (are not counted in the count the two scored in this season, missing the response after the halfway point, ndc) the Bosnian striker (who yesterday met the students of ' institute Galilei) has scored 103 in the groups of return of the respective tournaments in which he played. That is, almost 56%. Dzeko returned from the first minute in the last championship race before the break. But he needs to play. For this reason, against Entella will be used from the first minute.

TOMORROW INCERTO – In these times, last year Edin was struggling with the offer of Chelsea . The will to stay has contributed to make it enter even more in the hearts of the fans. Today the Bosnian is 18 months after the expiration of his agreement with Rome and boasts the most expensive contract of the rose. In the summer several times it was assumed to be an extension with Rome. Assumptions that did not find a result. No one has in fact contacted Dzeko and even in the public statements of the managers, his contract is never mentioned. Net of what can happen in January – in the Premier there is a poll Everton – inevitably at the end of the season we will have to sit around a table and talk. On March 17, the Bosnian turns 33 and wants to understand what the company's intentions are. Can not be clearly the very young Swedish Joel Persson class 2003 – ready to sign in the next few days a contract with the young giallorosse at the age of 16 – his heir. And it is difficult to frame it even in Schick who did not give the answers that were expected. From the series: either continue with Dzeko or Rome will turn the page. However, futuristic speeches: now there is a fourth place to conquer and a quarter-final of Champions to be reached. Not forgetting the Italian Cup that since he wears the Giallorossi saw him take the field just 4 times (with 2 goals at Cesena and Sampdoria). Monday will be the fifth. To find minutes in the legs and especially the goal, which is now missing for 82 days (two goals at CSKA Moscow, October 23). An eternity for someone like him.

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